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Q   What is Chyawayan prash? How is it useful for health? What are Health tips.

It is a formulation having amla main ingredient among more than four dozens ingredients. Prepared by our ancient rishis for the first time, it finds its detailed description in the famous texts of Ayurveda, i.e. Charak Samhita. It not only rejuvenates the body but also prevents ill effects of premature ageing. It is useful in heart disease, diseases of the chest, and other ailments like asthma, cough, and excessive thirst, gout etc.  It gives its best benefits when it is used after purification of the body. Its efficacy gets enhanced if it is used through a specific method called kuti praveshik vidhi. It should be taken upto that quantity which does not hinder the routine quantity of food.

Q  I am suffering from bronchial asthma. Please guide me what type of   precautions I should take in daily routine? Give some Health tips

Avoid use of cold water. Do not take bath with cold water.Avoid being in cold area. Do not use cooler or A.C. Restrict the use of liquid diet…Don’t take water after meal. Do not take vitiated water. Avoid taking fish as food. Do not take sooran/jimkand.Take dal of kulath and wheat, barley.etc. Avoid taking rough, cold and heavy diet. Avoid dust. Avoid walking with heavy luggage. Keep a sufficient gap between meals and sleep. Do not suppress the urge of urination, defecation, thirst and cough. Avoid walking too much.

Q  What is Triphala ? Give some health tips about it?

 Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), bahera (Terminalia bellirica) and amla(Emblica officinalis) are three ingredients of Triphla.  According to ayurvedic texts, powder of one haritaki, two baheras and four amlas when mixed in this specific ratio the product so formed is called triphla. To get beneficial result from this product powder of two baheras should be used before meals, that of four amlas, after meal and of  one haritakito be used after the food is digested. Triphla taken at morning before meal helps to check obesity and that taken at bed time with honey helps to improve eye sight.

                Q    I often feel indigestion. Give some health tips to resolve it.

          Do not eat heavy substances. Use tender radish only. Use warm    water   for   drinking. Avoid cold things. Use garlic and ginger in your food. Sprinkle black pepper powder on your eatables. Make use of hing in food preparations.Take pungent and bitter eatables. Don’t use ghee and oil preparations haphazardly. Avoid taking rough substances. Use  of ajwain, methi and dhania gives beneficial results in it.  Apply methods of sudation. Parval and karela give good results. Take petha as sweets or in other preparation. Do not suppress of natural urges of urination and defecation.     

Q   Is it possible to improve eye sight just by taking care in our eating and    living habits. Please give some health tips.

           Take evening meal before sunset. Do not take any liquid at night.Use honey   appropriately. Make use of garlic in food.  Restrict the use of curd. Make use of dhania in food preparations. Make frequent use of karela brinjal and parval. Use fresh and tender radish. Use saindhava salt in your diet.Use moong dal and barley. Use soup of kulath. Restrict use of saltish and sour products. Minimize the use of betel. Do not suppress natural urges of urination, defecation, etc .Keep your feet clean. Do not walk bare foot. Keep fast. Learn to skip some meal. Do not use hot water for head bath. These health tips will do good. please go through


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