Har ki Pauri-A scene at Haridwar-Uttarakhand


Har ki Pauri, I am sure, mere thinking of Haridwar brings in the mind of people the scene of taking bath at ‘Har ki Pauri’ which is a canal constructed by The English people. Yes, this is the place in Haridwar which is believed where Brahma welcomed the Bhagirathi for her maiden journey for the welfare of mankind. The first engineering college of the country which is now known as IIT Roorkee was established for the sake of Ganges. Its main aim was just to make engineers construct this canal successfully. The main river and this canal co-exist together and the canal starts disappearing after reaching the region at Kanpur.

Har ki Pauri

                  Har ki Pauri at Haridwar presents a spectacle of exotic and spiritual beauty. Evening aarti at Har ki pauri in haridwar was concluded in just ten minutes few years back and now it takes more time for its completion. Har ki pauri at Haridwar is replete with people apt in begging. You make your entry there and you are asked continuously by people in uniform to donate for aarti.

Options at Har ki Pauri

Another type of people who have made packages to feed 10/11 beggars starting from Rs. 100 onwards. They start following you at Har ki pauri  Haridwar. If you don’t have a camera there then you don’t have to worry. You can get yourself photographed and get the photo within two minutes at Har ki pauri at Haridwar. provision of fixing one of the benches near aarti place by consulting your purohit is there. You can fix ceremony of aarti to be performed by your family Har ki pauri at Haridwar.

Other attractions

Many people think that their visit is complete to Haridwar after they take a bath at that place and enjoy udankhatola riding for Mansa devi and Chandi devi temple. But Haridwar has lots of other attractions to offer. There is temple Named ‘Daksh Mandir’ at Haridwar which teaches the lesson of morality. The story behind the temple is as follows. Bhagwan shankar was not invited on a yagya ceremony performed by his father in law. It created a clash, Parvati ji entered in fire and succumbed herself to injuries. ‘Mayadevi Mandir’ situated near on way to Har ki pauri at Haridwar is one of the fifty one shakti peeth in Haridwar where one of the burnt part was fallen there.

Bilkeshwar mandir

 ‘Bilkeshwar mandir’ on way from backside of the Haridwar railway station signifies the passion and devotion of Parvati who worshipped there continuously for three thousand years to get married with Shankar ji. In ‘Bilkeshwar mandir’ itself there is place named ‘Gauri Kund’  for which it is believed that after taking a bath there, all obstacles in the way to get married get crushed and the girl gets a suitable match soon. If you wish to stroll over the Ganga river and not the canal at Haridwar, take a walk at about 1.3 km long ‘Chandi bridge’. The Ganga generally appears flooded during rainy days.

              If you have time, don’t forget to visit ‘Sureshwari devi’ temple located in BHEL area Haridwar. It is the place which attracts maximum number of devotees in ‘Navratras’. Be alert, entry there on routine days is not allowed after 4 P M.


 BHEL Area

Take a round of BHEL Area and further go to the SIDCUL side and you won’t believe that you are in Haridwar. It presents a look of a modern city. This place is about 10-12 km from the main city of Haridwar and has big hotels and a mall. You ‘’ll see most of the big companies hosted there at Haridwar. After crossing this area where local administration offices like DM’s, SSP, ARTO. and all other government officials are situated. For satisfying your spiritual hunger you can visit ‘Shanti Kunj’ about six Km from the main city of Haridwar. Visit Haridwar with the devotion of a pilgrim and you will enjoy a lot.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Xt7V4t9k6M&t=34s

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