why worship cow

A Cow is the most pious animal. In Indian culture it has been held in high esteem, even greater than the Gyatri and the Ganga. The Ganga is said to reside in cow’s urine. Be it Vedas, Puranas, or arya smaj’s scriptures, all have given the cow an unparalleled status. It is the backbone of Indian culture. It has been considered as the root of lakshmi.

Devta reside in cows

A very fragrant smell like that of guggul emerges from the body of a cow. Cows are tools for attaining dharma, artha  kaam & moksha. All Gods reside in its body and all pilgrimages are there in cow’s feet. Cow has been given the status of as the mother of eleven Rudras, daughter of eight Vasus, sister of twelve  Aditi ‘s sons .and a rich treasure of  ghee.   Cows are said to be born out of moon and sun. Selfless service to cows helps a person to get salvation. In Vedas there is a prayer indicating that cows as the main wealth. Even Ravana who was fond of eating flesh used to worship cows. Mere hearing the word cow is auspicious.


Feeding to cow is important

Those persons who feed the cows, their punaya/good deeds are never destroyed. Agni purana says that as lot of devtas reside in it. it is considered as auspicious to give cow in charity. According to Maha bharata effects of donating cow, land and Saraswati are same. Owing to its ability to nourish and providing security cover, cows are compared with sun rays. A person who donates this pious animal who has just delivered the calf if given in alms gives miraculous results. It is a tradition to purify the place of yagya by cow’s urine and dung.


A person who regularly feeds a cow gets honored in heaven. Cows serve as ladder for journey to heaven. Lord Krishna, Kapil muni, Rishi chyavan and king Dilip got spiritual enhancement just due to cows only. Nothing is impossible for a person who takes care of the cows. Panchgavya ie cow’s milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung are not only auspicious but have potent medicinal values too. Its use has been effective for self purification.cow

Its urine has unique medicinal value. It is really marvelous to observe that a creature feeding on grass in return provides nectar to the universe. It is s said in Atri samhita that a house which does not have a cow, nor is there a recitation of Vedas and where there are no children that house is like a shamshan, i.e. burial sites. When a cow delivers a calf her milk should  be left for the calf only for two months.


Worshiping a cow on specific days benefits

When it is full moon night or no moon night, solar eclipse or lunar eclipse, or chaturdashi, ashtami or dwadashi. worship of the cow pays a lot.  In a house where rajasvala girl  remains unmarried, a cow remains thirsty and worship of God is not there all his deed turn into sins. Beating a cow and not feeding her gives a bad effect on his pitras. Mere worshiping and feeding them with full devotion provides solace to a person not only in this life but also in the period after death.


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