Sun is a planet that moves only in forward direction and does not get retrograde. It does not show backward movement. It is strong in uttarayan. Uttarayan starts when sun enters Capricorn i.e. in the month of January. Saturn is the son of sun planet and is considered as the weakest planet. Still it is competent to destroy the strength of his father. It reflects royal favor and signifies atma and father.

A sign of prosperity

If sun is in sixth or tenth house in a horoscope the native’s father earns a lot of reputation. This planet in scorpion and Venus in Leo makes the native gets wealth from his in laws. Its position in second house in a favorable sign makes native’s maternal uncles well renowned. For a person born in scorpion ascendant and sun in sixth or tenth makes the native’s father a renowned personality. its placement in third house in Aries or Leo makes the person with enhanced status. While in fifth house in Leo or Aries with mercury makes a person wealthy. In combination with moon in ascendant makes the person’s status like a king.

Sun causes various diseases.

  It causes various diseases according to its position in a horoscope. For instance,its presence with moon in twelfth house causes blindness of the native. Its placement in ascendant and mars in seventh makes a person schizophrenic. The native is a very talkative and speaks in an irrational way. The native suffers from eczema if it is in Aquarius ascendant. Its presence in cancer in second house and moon aspect by mars makes the native suffer from eye diseases. Its presnce in cancer aspected by Saturn causes pile and arthritis to the native. While in cancer aspect by mercury causes vata and kapha disease.

Instrumental in giving injuries etc.


Sun in Aries in ascendant and Saturn in eleventh makes injury at feet. In position with mars in eighth house gives possibility of accidents, danger from electric current etc.  Sun in cancer aspected by mars causes fistula to the native. Its presence in Leo causes night blindness and in Aquarius causes heart diseases. Saturn and mars with sun in eighth cause epilepsy.While its placement in enemy house causes eye diseases and worm infestation.

Sun and skin diseases

Sun aspected by venus in a horoscope causes skin diseases. its position in eighth house aspected by mars causes blisters on the skin. Rahu with sun and mars in eights causes skin disorders. its presence with Saturn and Venus in a sign causes skin disorders. Sun in fifth house in Libra makes the native suffer from disease of bone


Some unfavorable combinations

Its presence in seventh house makes the native’s wife quarrelsome and determined.  While its placement in ninth house in Libra makes the native‘s wife short lived. Its presnce with moon in ninth makes native’s father death in water. While its position in fifth house in Aquarius causes destruction of native’s elder brother. For a Taurus ascendant, if it is aspected by rahu and Saturn the native faces a lot of transfers.

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