Knowledge of Ayurveda is not possible without studying the Samhitas

The study  Samhitas of Ayurveda is perfection. Therefore, the study of Ayurveda without  Samhitas is not possible. All major Samhitas are in Sanskrit. The topics of study of the original texts cannot be properly understood. Therefore, knowledge of Sanskrit is necessary for being proficient in Ayurvedic disciplines. It is essential that students of Ayurveda have the right knowledge of reading, writing, and uttering not only. In Ayurveda colleges, students are familiar with the Samhitas .

In the study and teaching tradition of Ayurveda, not only to maintain the originality of Ayurveda, it is very necessary to enrich through the available knowledge. Process of acquiring knowledge ends with understanding, conduct, and publicity. In this, it is necessary to maintain efficiency and completeness, that the students should sharpen their knowledge through Swadhyaya i.e self study, and through  through Tadvid Samhati Parishad. The student can understand the original texts of Ayurveda, therefore, writing this examination by reading this Vidya does not have the duty of duty, but to answer the question as an answer, to discuss it with each other, then to discuss and discuss together, to find the answer. That is the means of the brightness.

Doctrines of science and medicine both do not succeed in the fulfillment of purpose. Ayurveda’s posture is due to its theoretical background. The success of Ayurvedic medicine is only by converting per capita principles. The principle of creation is the principle of Ayurveda. In Ashtanga Ayurveda, although the fundamental principle is not a separate topic, its theories are not fully occupied in the entire Ashtanga. The prevalence of this department is at this level. No department is untouched by its impact. The principle of creation is the principle of Ayurveda. The proper knowledge of these principles of without proper scripture knowledge is not possible. Through the study, teaching and philosophy of language only, the knowledge of science comes into view. Only after getting good gains in the Samhitas of Knowledge, the doctor can tell the correct nature of Ayurveda in society.

Suicidal steps that are more harmful to foreigners than to those who have reached Ayurveda are currently in disrupting the tradition of the study of the horoscopes. The spirit of the enemies is not clear, but people of Ayurveda come to destroy Ayurveda, it is a matter of suffering. It is said that the knowledge which is told to others, it is not necessary that he can remember it, in which he is shown something, he can understand something and in which only a learner is given something that he forgets no. Yes, the study of the Samhitass is not accompanied by the students. Their partnership is sure to be there. Only the teacher’s discourse does not fulfill this obligation of acquiring knowledge. As the name of development changes in the form of pilgrimage in the form of tourism, rather than receiving the desired benefits, and wandering from the main subject, in the same way, with the mode of fundamental tradition of Ayurvedic knowledge, it will not only interfere with the development of Ayurveda, but will contribute to the opposite.

Yes, while building a building, if a brick is found on the foundation, then the whole house becomes steep. And here the curriculum is on the verge of changing the nature of important topics. At present, attempts to nurture the roots of Ayurvedic tree from the branches will now inhibit its development, but will turn the field of medicine into a desert. Ayurveda will be read as a chapter of history in the future by giving a pragmatic dimension to this type of process. Wanderers who make their way through wearing stained glasses remain confused. In the name of so called development, attempts to narrow the nature of the topics related to the origin of Ayurveda are composed with the form of Ayurveda. After such a knowledge-based student became a physician, what would be given to Ayurveda to society? Who does not wear clothes on his body, how will he save others from air? Knowledge of Ayurveda is contained in the  Samhitas only. It is unrealistic to expect such  Samhitas to be carried out without the help of its spirit.

Complete Ayurveda should not become a history, so it is necessary to bring the knowledge of the Samhitas to the mainstream. Otherwise, we will be able to treat Rashpadra Vaidya only on the auspicious side of Ayurveda. Now people know Ayurveda as a gold bath herbal bath, they know that the treatment of secret diseases is only in the hotels near the bars, there is the treatment of Ayurveda near the family doctor. If this type of deficiency succeeds, Ayurveda physicians will also understand Ayurveda in the future, which people nowadays understand.

Professor Anup Kumar Gakkhar

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