why rebirth takes place

life and death means Jivan and mritu . These both are Sanskrit words with opposite meaning. Being alive and ceasing to live have quite opposite meaning. Clearly the vital breath which is greatest of all elements is accorded the highest importance. Breathing through nostrils confirms the status of life while its cessation signifies death.

Philosophy of rebirth

All religious works directly or indirectly accept the ideology philosophy of rebirth. We read a lot of incidents where innocent kids have talked about their previous birth. There is a quote in Gita “All worlds from the abode of Brahma are by nature subject to birth; But O Arjuna, O son of Kunti, on attaining me there is no rebirth.

Karma and rebirth

Karma literally meaning action. It denotes both actions in general and the fruit producing subtle impressions which remain with the doer even after an action is outwardly accomplished. The doctrine of karma and rebirth, an original contribution of Hindu dharma explains the inequality between the man and man at the time of birth.

It is a Hindu ideology

 It makes us believe in the moral foundation of the universe that virtue is rewarded in long run and iniquity punished. Good and evil tendency of life, happiness and sufferings are nothing but consequences of previous life. Actions performed in this life are determining those in next life.

What happens after death

Soul in all the individuals is reborn again and again until it realizes that it is the cosmic reality. The same soul assumes a different body in the next birth.  It either strived to attain the knowledge of God or to enjoy pleasures of senses, remaining oblivious of God.

 Confirmation by Lord Vishnu of relieving the souls suffering in hell on shradha paksha signifies the action of karmas. They are allowed to be feeded through their lower generations.   

Why we die and take birth      

We die on because of desires and we are reborn on account of desires. Desires are nothing but propulsions which demand contact with certain groups of physical objects. This approach on the part of the mind to come in contact with certain sets of physical objects goes by the name of life.

Concept of salvation

 Attaining salvation or moksha is the highest goal of human existence on this planet. Bhagwatgita propounds the theory of release from bonding of worldly desires in the name of moksha. According to Buddh tradition , nirvana is like a blown out lamp.Nirvana a state of blissful and saisfication is a complere disintegration and release from ignorance or illusion. Nirvana is final release from the cycle of death and birth.

What jains take about salvation

Jains believe that by penance individual soul can  become universal spirit and deliverance from worldly existence. Kaivalyam according to jains means detachment of the soul from the nature.

We must remember that death is not an end of life but a transition to higher or lower state freedom from birth and death is a return to God

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