Acidity finds its mention in as amalpitta in Ayurvedic texts. Due to the present-day run-of-the-clock lifestyle, our food habits have also been influenced. Trend of having fast food, irregular meal hours, taking spicy meal, is increasing day by day.  Use of adulterated food also affects the body’s digestive tract. In this way, a disease reflected in the form of a vivid problem for many people, known as ‘Acidity’ in the language of common people. Many people project the acidity or amalpitta complaint as gas problem. Although it is mentioned briefly in Charak samhita , its detailed description is available in Kashyapa samhita. Home remedies for acidity and gas problem.


The symptoms like sour and bitter regurgitation heaviness in the stomach, burning sensation in the chest region and throat, fatigue, headache, stomach discomfort, etc. shows symptoms of acid.

  If acidity it continues long

If there is a complaint for Acidity for a long time, it may also appear in the symptoms such as burning sensation of the foot, irritability in the food, fever, indigestion and itching on the skin.

What causes this disease?

The nascent food, sesame, urad, oil-made items, kanji, sour and sharp things, delicate food, and the use of alcohol, when it comes to vomiting, forcefully causes this disease.

They also cause

Drinking water soon after the meal, sleeping during day, Drink more water, drink water in the middle of food. Stale food also cause this disease.

Avoid it to get relief

Home remedies for acidity and gas problem

To avoid to be a victim of acidity , avoid use of following.

The use of curd and tomato paste. must be avoided as they enhance acidity..

Do not  let  constipation continue.

According to the Charak samhita, the use of pulses of Kultatha is harmful in acidity. So avoid this

It is written in Charak that salty items increases acidity.

Stay away from these

Consumption of freshly cultivated rice and collected and stored for less than one year produces irritation in the stomach. While the use of old rice only causes the disease when the rice  are preserved by boric acid and  not washed well.

These help to alleviate acidity

According to Charaka, the intake of Rajamash is beneficial in acidity.

Milk intake provides relief in acidity.

Bread with milk is beneficial in acidity.

The paste of ginger is beneficial in it.

Eating of fruit of papaya gives benefits in acid

Barley, wheat, moong, boiled water, sugar, honey, barley, sattu, bitter gourd, paraval ,petha, banana flower vegetable, bathua leaves, sweet pomegranate, amla fruit, neem leaves, are beneficial in this disease.

Home remedies for acidity and gas problem

Mix 6 grams of Triphala with water and make a paste and keep it overnight in an iron pan. In the morning add sugar and honey. Take it with water.

Acid poison is destroyed due to taking pipali  powder with honey.

Lemon juice is useful in checking acidity.

Make a decoction of a harad, baheda and amla alongwith  betel leaves and drink it with honey.

Acidity is destroyed by taking the powder of coriander, pippali and coriander with Munnaka and honey.

Asparagus, giloya and mulberry are beneficial in powdered form in acidity.

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