Female Hysteria is trapping more and more victims day by day. In the present physical and mechanical era, the life of a human has become mechanical like a machine. Due to the bad eating habits, hectic lifestyle and due to the increased gap between expectations and achievements the mental stress has become a part of his life. This stress is reflected in various physical disorders including hysteria.

 Hysteria disease traps women more than men

          Various disease occurring due to mental stress, the disease associated with symptoms of specific physical disorders is known as Hysteria. Both men and women become victims of it. But women are more sensitive in nature than men and are more emotional. Hence most of the patients of this disease are women. 

Hysteria’s victims

Such women in which sexual passion is repressed, delay in the marriage of girls, husband’s incompetency, quarrel  between husband and wife, husband’s absconding or misbehavior, divorce, death, serious trauma, loss of wealth, menstrual disorder, there are many other causes too, which are responsible for the disease.


Hysteria due to distress at home

 When there is distress in the home, no desire is being fulfilled, failure of love, the pressure of any tension in the conscious or unconscious mind of the patient increases, so when there is no outlet to it, all these get expressed in the form of some physical symptoms, which is known as Hysteria. It is said about this disease that the victims who suffer neglect in the family are liable to become patients of Hysteria. Its patients try to get sympathy and to attract attention. Indigestion and pressure of constipation are also responsible for it.

How to recognize hysteria

Cramps, vibrations, loss of speech, swelling and breathing in some parts of the body confirm the possibility of being Hysteric. The symptoms of the disease can appear suddenly or disappear, but sometimes these may continue for weeks or months. Symptoms like pain in throat, laughing or screaming loudly may also associate.

Preventive  aspects

There is some safe aspect associated with this disease .The good thing is that its aggression does not occur with rapid velocity nor in sleeping stage .The symptoms generally appear in the gathering of people. The velocity of this does not have an eye and neck. The patient always falls carefully; he does not feel any injuries. The tongue does not get cut in its impulse. Neither voluntary stool nor urine emerges. No time for velocity is fixed The person remains animate conscious. This feature of this disease is that there is no physical harm.

Hysteria and Ayurveda

Ayurvedic literature describes this disease in the name of Yosha apsmara . According to Ayurveda, this disease occurs in the age group of 12 to 50 years. Due to absence of husband’s love, mourning, homelessness, mental distress, heartache, diarrhea, diarrhea, etc. due to indigestion constipation etc. this disease occurs.
The patient screams cry, the wisdom gets destroyed, the sadness of the mind remains. Confusion, pain abdomen difficulty in breathing, feeling of a fake spheroid between the stomach and throat , miscarriages etc.

How to take  care

  Remove the causes which aggravates the disease. No patient dies due to this disease. As the age increases, the disease itself becomes calm. According to the Charak samhita, the best medicine in mental diseases is intellectual, patience and self-knowledge
Benefiting dietary habits, staying calm, cultivating a feeling of friendship towards the subjects, developing a sense of charity, adopt everyone equally. Develop a sense of forgiveness. Follow people with virtue qualities. Use ventures that keep the mind happy.

  Follow these

  One form of intelligence is also that where he destroys the form of the Supreme Lord. He gets the knowledge of all the bhaktas in the right form. There is no attachment to worldly subjects. Those who consume juice of succulent lactic substances increase the satvik properties.

These too help in Hysteria

Satvic diet provides a healthy body, peaceful, harmonious synergy and intellectual personality to a person.  Use of Hingu, vacha, brahmi,. shatavari , jyothismati, jatamansi ,ashwgandha,a shankhuppi, mulethi  is beneficial. Medical treatment should be done only for the treatment of mental illness.

A pure mind receives pure knowledge. With complete self respect The mind remains open on being born. Old grass leaves and Massage is beneficial on her body. Two drops of old grass applying daily in the nose benefits. Milk is beneficial in it. It is written in Kashyap Samhita that mental illnesses are cured with  , memory knowledge and  wisdom.

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