Dashmoola as the name indicates is nothing but an aggregate of ten roots of different plants. Interestingly five are the root of trees and other five are the roots of  small plants. An important ingredient of Chyawanprash, Dashmoola is the name given to the roots of Bilva, agnimanth, shyonak, patla , gambhari, shalparni, prishanparni, kantkari, brihati and gokshura. Every Ayurvedic person is familiar with these names. Now practically instead of roots of large trees, their bark is used.  This group of drugs finds its practical application best in the after delivery conditions of women. This combination checks pains, obesity, swelling and prevents other complications. Its use with saubhagya shunthi paka is a blessing for the women who have delivered a baby.

Dashmoola as a  constituent of different preparations

Mishraka  sneha mentioned in the treatment of gulma, lashunadya  ghrita described in the treatment of unmada, basti in atisara  processed with dashmoola,  oil  processed with dashmoola in visarpa, dasmoola srita ghrita in vatashonita are some of the examples of the formulations that contain dashmoola. Besides, maashadi taila, mahabala taila, dhanvantra ghrita, mushaka taila, punarnavadya avleha, chatrdashang kwatha are some formulations mentioned in Bhava prakash that have dashmoola in them.


its use is indicated in vatakapholvanajwara, sannipataj jwara, shvasa roga, kasa, parshavshula, svarbheda, pratishyaaya, ardita, akshepa,pakshaghata, aamvata, urustambha, vaatrakata, mutrakrichhra, prameha, kushtha, gulma, shotha, vaatodra, vrana, gudabhramsha, sutika jeara and vaajikaran. . According to Sushruta , this gana is shvasahar, kapha , vata and pitta har. It pacifies aama   and all types of fever.This combination is used in the form of Dashmoola kwatha, dashmoolarishta, dashhmooli ghrita.  Decoction or kwatha , dashmoola arka. Dashmooli ghrita in gulma, dashmoolaydi ghrita in grahni are some of its preparations.


Dashmoola kwath or decoction

Take twenty grams of dashmoola coarse powder. Boil it in 320 mls. of water. When the volume is reduced to forty mls.  Filter it in a glass. Use it in vataj and kaphaj disorders. it is useful in dryness of mouth, giddiness, excessive sweating, cough, asthma, sannipataj jwara with headache. It gives good result in all types of oedema. When there is excessive thirst after delivery, its use gives relief. It is useful in abdominal pain, body ache and anorexia etc. Many traditional Ayurvedic physicians use it in post delivery treatment. This kwatha is used as anupana in vatic disorders


Its use as arka

Two and half kilograms of coarsely powdered of the contents is soaked in twenty liters of water to extract its ark in the quantity of twenty bottles.

 Dashmoolarishta acts as nectar for the mothers of newly born babies. It gives strength to body. It checks the weakness that arises due to excessive bleeding. it strengthens the uterus. In case of lactation deficiency, it is used with shatavari powder to get good results. Those women who feel difficulty in conception, dashmoola acts as a boon.

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