Ayurveda Study

World expects results. Don’t tell others about the labor pains. Show them the baby. People expect finished products. They are not concerned with past. Stillany benefit we have a subject History of Ayurveda in the curriculum of Ayurveda courses for graduation.

How Ayurveda is known to common man

Before discussing, Why should we study history, we should know how Ayurveda is known to a common man. A layman knows Ayurveda through established pharmaceutical companies, Advertisement on Hoardings/TV. People have various notions about Ayurveda. They think that Ayurvedic drugs have no expiry date, medicines are always safe and can be taken without a prescription, medicines if not have any benefit they don’t harm too, mercury preparations cause damage to kidneys etc.

Ayurveda Study
Ayurvedic Medicine

What students think about Ayurveda

Students are reluctant to adopt the study of the system as no revision of Samhita , revision means reprint, no validation of the science, controversial plants, origin of Ayurveda apparently unbelievable. Its sources are literature, compiled work, photos of Ayurvedic sages are imaginary. Generallyany benefit this subject is taken as lightly and seems boring. they see apparently no clinical benefits.  They want to become clinicians and not Historians ,they don’t want to bother with what has been? They take   Ayurveda avtaran unbelievable,They take many other approaches seem utopian

History of Ayurveda in syllabus

Out of total 1050 marks , 25 marks i.e 2.38 % marks are reserved for  History of Ayurveda .  Out of total 150 lectures 19 lectures are there in the curriculum of Ayurveda. There occurs a contionous threatning to remove History from Syllabus.

To know what potential ayurveda holds for society we should observe some examples from our surroundings. Polythene bags continue to make their survival even after ban. Mobile phones have enterd every home without any govt aid. They have made themselves necessary to the people. That is why their existence cant be ignored.

It confirms that anything that has its utility makes way not only for its survival but for its nourishment. Just like water, even when its flow is blocked it makes its way.

Ayurveda Study

Why study history

History helps to assess the present scenario from past status. It               makes us  know source of origin . we know  foundation of a principle through the knowledge of History. We get established eternity of Ayurveda. We  seek solutions of diseases prevalent today. We are able to  make improvement in future. Knowledge of history helps to grease the wheels of progress. we trace roots of current success in the field of medicine from our histroy.

Sense of pride with History of Ayurveda

Statue of Sushruta in Australia, performance of nose surgery as per Sushruta are reason of making us proud. Knowledge of having a ride on coaster roller in breaking the kidney stone leading to Nobel prize is a matter of laurels for us. We got another feather in our cap when a nobel prize was awarded on establishing the validity of biological clocks. We feel proud when we know that these achievements have its roots in Ayurveda.

Prof. Anup Kumar Gakkhar

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