According to the future Purana, the sun has given Pragnapada, Brahma second, Kuber to third and Ganesh has given the Chaturthi date, Nagraj has given Panchami, Karthikeya to Satthi, your Kothi Saptami and Rudra to Ashtami, Durga is blessed with Navami, her children Yama has given the date of Dashami, Ekadashi of Lord Vishwdev, Vishnu to Dvashashi, Kamadeva to Satyadev Shankar ji, Chaturdashi and moon to complete maturity. Holy and holy date of the new moon has been given to the ancestors by the sun god.New moon day according to Charak
Even in the texts of Ayurveda, the new moon has been adopted as the date of the ancestors.

The Charak Samhita is written for the origin of Agantuz frenzy that as the shadow enters the mirror or the sun rays enter the Chandrakant gem, in the same way, in the persons having devotion in the mother, father, guru, old, siddha and Acharya By getting an error in the form of holes, the people of Chakracharya, penance and self-determinative, scholarly persons, the progeny of Devadigraha Shukla Paksha or Triodshi, Sigrh the Shashthi and ninth, tenth and moon, Gandharva planet twelfth and fourteenth, the Chairman planet Shukla Ekadashi, ablative of BrahmarākŞhasa Shuklpksh and full monster planet and vampire planet enter the second, third and Ashtami date. Such a person gets stricken with hysteria. In such a situation, there is benefit from worship, Archana Mangal, Home etc.

believe in god
believe in god

Sushruta Samhita also has instructions for worshiping the fathers
According to Sushruta Samhita, on the day of devadharammasashi, on the day of Ashtami of the Gandharva race, Yaksa Pratibha, on the day of Pratibha and the paternal planet, entered the body on the day of Amavasya. Sushruta Samhita states that Lord Kartikeya told his planets that in the clans where there is no sacrifice for the gods and the ancestors, where the worship of the Brahmin-Sadhoo, Guru and the guests is not felicitated, there is no beggary, virtuousness is not followed, Where food is eaten in broken bronchi pots, they can enter the children of those houses. To protect their guardian’s children, they will worship them so that their livelihood will run.
Many benefits meet the ancestors worship The new day is the day of the ancestors. This is called the festival date.

In it, charity, chanting, chanting, worshiping and fasting gives fruit. The father is pleased with this date of Shraddha. When the paternal priesthood is celebrated to the new moon, all of them give rise to growth, protection, age and strength. Without fasting they also give all kinds of good fruits. All the calamities of man are destroyed and that person becomes a destructive, religious, and destroyer of enemies.

believe in god
believe in god

Fathers also expect satisfaction Manu has written in memory that the sage, the father, the god, the ghost and the guests expect their satisfaction from the households. Those who do not satisfy them with food, they breathe, but the dead are equal. The new moon is an opportunity when a person can express his faith and reverence towards his ancestors. Manu has written in memory only that if a person’s father is dead, he does not have to do the Shraddha if he does not have the new moon. The new moon must have three times a bath. In our religious texts each day of Shraddha Paksha has given different benefits, but all the wishes are received from Shraadh to the new moon.

Do not do this work on the new moon. In our scriptures, on the day of Amavasya ancestors, to honor them with reverence, we have prohibited some of those actions that we do in our daily life as a normal task. According to Acharya Vagbhat of Ayurveda, the new moon should not be studied. There is a prohibition of breaking the new moon. In the creation clause of the verse Purana, it is written that the person who resolves the new moon, Sakarya or the full moon, takes the sin of ten thousand cow slaughter. It is best to take a bath of sesame and amla powder, but it should not be applied when bathing on the new moon. Atharvaveda has written that the new moon is born in the form of a worm. It is written in the Vedic Purana that the new moon should be used in the Havish, which is used in Havan.

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