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A sound health means being   healthy physically, mentally, socially and not merely the absence of  a disease or infirmity. Developments in the field of modern medicines have enabled a man to fight with death but it is the ancient science of life i.e. Ayurveda that guides how to live in a healthy and fruitful way . This healthyminute.in   deals with applied aspects of Ayurveda  and allied subjects like spirituality etc.

healthyminute.in deals with bringing the guidelines given in our ancient texts. It helps you to get the knowledge of keeping your health in fine fettle healthy through the knowledge related to the on life style, tips  to take care in various diseases , herbs, food, regimen, spirituality. You will find information in this website related to

  • Diseases and Ayurvedic Treatment
  • Herbs
  • Food
  • System of Medicines
  • Regimen
  • Mind and Health
  • Astrology and Diseases
  • Festivals and health

Our experts will try their best to give you the best of their knowledge . The knowledge given in this website will be of general nature and it will be advisable to get conform your diagnose from your doctor.

Person behind the healthyminute.in

Admin  born and  brought up in the family of Ayurvedists and a student of engineering in a reputed university Jalandhar with her  innovative mind co ordinates the experts in this field and presents the  guidelines  in a simple language. Prof Anup Kumar Gakkhar a post graduate in Ayurveda from  National Institute of Ayurveda , Govt. of India ,Jaipur  with an experience of  more than two decades in  practicing and teaching Ayurveda contributes regularly on honorary basis.


For  issues regarding advertisement, copyright issues or ideas sharing , you can contact us on the following details or you can moreover contact us directly  our contact page.



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