Know uses and benefits of Saindhava lavan/Rock salt


Saindahva lavan or rock salt name is familiar to Indians as it is used frequently on the religious occasions of keeping fasts. Also known as sheet shiv, mani manth and sindhuj, saindhava lavana is relishing in nature, promotes digestive fire, and is light , unctuous and cold in potency.  Saindhava lavan or rock salt promotes semen, and is able to penetrate even in microscopic channels of the body and pacifies all the three doshas. Viz vata, pitta and kapha.

Know what is Saindhava lavan?

Saindhava lavan is so called as it occurs near Sindhu River. That which exists on the east side of the Sindhu river is of a bit red color while that being available on the western side of the river contains a layer of godanti  or gypsum above it and is deprived of salts of potassium and magnesium. While that salt obtained from the eastern part of Sindhu river has some content of potassium and magnesium. The upper layer of saindhava rocks is not so pure yet the salt in the lower layer is of good quality.  This salt is also known by the name of lahori lavan. It is also called as rock sat a sit is found in the layers of earth. Taken in small quantity saindhava salt helps in healing wounds and is useful in promoting eye sight.

Saindhava lavan is best among all types of salts

Ayurvedic texts hold that among all types of salts used in homes, saindhava lavan or rock salt is the best.  All other salts are not god for eyes but saindhava lavan is the only salt which is useful for eyes.  Besides saindhava lavan is used in formulations  improving appetite.

Benefits of saindahva lavan/ rock salt

In pneumonia saindhava lavan or rock salt pounded in a cloth and is kept on chest region after making it hot.  It is also useful in rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, common cold, inflammation of lymph nodes. Gargles with sanidhava lavan mixed in warm water helps in checking throat pains. Enema of saindahva lavan or rock salt is useful in thread worm. In weakness of muscles cold stream of water mixed with saindhava lavan gives beneficial result. Saindahva lavan is used to induce vomiting and interestingly its use in low dose is useful to check vomiting. Drops of water mixed with saindhava salt used as nasal drops give beneficial results in influenza, common cold and headache. It makes the concentrated phlegm in various chest disorders diluted.

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