Jetha Lal in Tarak Mehta

                         Jetha Lal in Tarak Mehta

Think of Jetha lal, a stout & ease loving personality in the role of a successful businessman and a father fearing character comes in mind. Undoubtedly Jetha lal as a sravan putra has been making laugh millions of people. As a husband Jetha lal  is completely dependent upon his wife for even his trivial needs. Jetha lal does not know English but he feels it tough to admit the same before his wife Daya. Jetha lal though behaves with Daya in a bossing tone but when he is romantic with her, the scene is worth seeing. Jetha lal loves his son Tapu very much but he seems to have relation of 36 with him when they face each other. Jetha lal’s strong passion for Babita ji acts as a fragrant spice for the serial Tarak Mehta ka ulta chashma. Babita ji’s words are like God’s word for Jetha lal and he leaves no opportunity to oblige him. Jetha lal feels that Ayer is a mismatch for Babita ji. Jetha lal fully endorses the value of relationship of friendship. Barring that of Babita ji’ interests, jetha lal can sacrifice anything for his friend Tarak Mehta.

Jetha lal finds it difficult to go away with his physical comforts. Yes, we can’t imagine the character of Jetha lal without jalebi fafra. Jetha lal can’t live without A.C. Jetha lal cant take a bath with cold water in winter. Jetha lal can’t have a smooth sailing with Ayer, Bhide and of course sometimes with Popat lal.  Jetha lal believes in having fair dealings with Jetha lal has a complete faith on his manager Nattu kaka but generally gets irritated when there is a conversation with Baagha. Jetha lal ‘s character is incomplete without his sala sunder lal. Jetha lal however skilled and successful business men he may be could not invent any tool that helps him to check the loot by Sunder. Sunder lal come by taxi or by aero plane or stay in a luxury hotel at Mumbai, it is Jetha lal’s pocket that will be picked. Jetha lal never talked with her mother in law and feels the surrounding atmosphere irritating when Daya continues to talk at length with her mother. Jetha lal  is not a kanjoos person , he does not mind paying extra money to rickshaw driver or some other petty expenditures.  Jetha lal has earned too much of love and affection from the people  that it has become a household  name for t v viewers.  Role of jetha lal is appreciable and is good character indeed


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