Know-  Significance of Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit language according to Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru is not only the greatest treasure of India but also is one of its finest heritages. Sanskrit marks the climax of India’s glory. Sanskrit has affinity with Greek, Italic, Celtic, German, Balto-Salvonic and Iranian languages. Sanskrit language more perfect than Greek, more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined then either. Sanskrit being a member of Indo European family made a deeper appeal to the new socialist world which has come into existence on the basis of the Marxism. Sanskrit due to its remarkable elasticity, and its unusual expressive power and unbounded suggestiveness, besides its exalted moral tone, has appealed to everyone who has a sense of beauty.

Sanskrit does not change with age

Sanskrit is a language which does not get changed due to its ageing. Modern scholars of Sanskrit use the same rules of Sanskrit grammar which was used in Veda, Upnishadas, Brahman grnathas , samhitas and other literary work done in the past.  Sanskrit has been used for poetic and other literal works in all periods of Indian History and continues to be used in even today. Valmik  Ramayan was written in Sanskrit and same language is being used even today also. Sanskrit also called as dev vani  i. e speech of gods neither ages nor dies  and enjoys eternal youth.

Sanskrit endowed with irresistible charm

Hindus who invented zero were pioneer in science of ancient period. Sanskrit has established the unity of India. It is an unchanging link between olden days and the present days. Being spoken from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Saurashtra to Assam .Sanskrit like a celestial maiden of rare beauty enjoys eternal youth and that is the reason for its irrestible charm and beauty. Though endowed with beauty and charm literature in Sanskrit believes in fatalism, non worldly conception of mortality and there is exaggeration and contain some uncritical ideas.

Panini Aphorism

Panini  a perfect grammarian of ancient times has evolved a process of the complete formation of a word from its roots , suffixes and prefixes. Panini’s aphorism deals with the Vedic words. Even memorizing of long and frightening tables of declensions and conjugations don’t make learning Sanskrit unpalatable.

Respect and Nourish Sanskrit

Interestingly Sanskrit which has been declared as the most convenient language for computer is being taught in fourteen Universities in Germany. Still it can’t fulfill the requirements of global needs. When started about  fifteen years back in Germany, teaching of Sanskrit was not supposed to be a growing venture.  But now it has crossed all expectations . Even other countries too are joining the chorus to meet the global requirements. As is a trend in India that any thing which gets approval of western countries becomes popular in our own country. So it is time to respect and nourish our culture before some  one other claims to become its custodian.

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