BITS PILANI is a lovely word both for aspirant candidates and its alumni and even for those who have their kith or kin in this university. I am sure most of the students of class 12th among their various dreams have one dream of taking admission in BITS PILANI.  Of course BITS PILANI has every reason of justification in seeing this dream. BITS PILANI is a place where one finds his status enhanced in a scholarly atmosphere prevailing there.  Situated in Shekhavati region of Jhunjhunu   district of Rajasthan, PILANI is a small town. It is the birth place of one of the big industrialist sh. G D BIRLA. His ancestral home is there. BITS PILANI has its recognition at international level as its alumni had made a mark at various places in the world. BITS PILANI students are genius by nature. Toppers of various state education boards find a suitable niche there. Yes this is the reason neither scorching heat of summer nor   fast disturbing sand storms become any obstacle in keeping one away from it. BITS PILANI is situated in a town where there is no railway station but it makes the student worthy of travelling in aero planes.  BITS PILANI serves as strong base for students making the base for their career strong. It is beyond imagination to think for others that the highest package the students got in BITS PILANI to serve in USA was Rs 1.42 crore per annum and that too at the age of 23 years. In fact it is the training; it is the work culture that prevails at BITS PILANI that makes the students worthy of it.  BITS PILANI aims at in making the students engineers not only just by providing degree but making them a fully fledged finished product ready to provide its best of the service.  Pilani itself is a place situated in desert but BITS PILANI serves as an oasis of knowledge that gives solace the whole world through its students. Pilani town itself is rich in having a lot of educational institutions. A satvic atmosphere prevailing in the campus adds grace to BITS PILANI. Saraswati idol in BITS PILANI is a testimonial of its commitment to maintain the font of knowledge flowing. Cycle ride may be a fashion or an exercise tool in lot of the homes but it is a part of routine of students to make their use. It  not only keeps the atmosphere pollution free but confirms to maintain the fact that student life is not a bed of roses. Besides a lot of other memories one carries with him a BITS PILANI students can’t forget the word Loharu and chirawa which he used in his routine conversation while going for a travel.  May God keep the reputation of BITS PILANI as illuminating as it is today and a salute to the great Hero who thought it to establish it.

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