Know Benefits and Uses of Pushkarmool

Pushkarmool-2Pushkarmool’s  reference though not available in vedic literature,  is one of those herbs whose description is available in most  Ayurvedic texts.  In Agni purana , pushkar has been described a s type of kushtha. Its name is similar to a country pushkar desha. Some scholars believe its occurrence from pushkar dwip or Australia.  Known botanically as Inula racemosa, Pushkarmool  is bitter and  pungent in taste and pungent in post digestive effect. Member of Asteraceae or Compositae, Pushkarmool is hot in potency.  Known to pacify vata and kapha dosha, Pushkarmool is light in effect and unctuous and sharp or tikshna in its attributes. It finds its best use for curing pleurisy.

Charak Samhita has categorized it in the drugs used for hiccup and asthma. Besides pushkarmool’s use has been highly acclaimed in parshva shool or pleurisy.

Grown in temperate and alpine western Himalayas from 1300 to 4500 meters elevation , Pushkarmool has a grooved , rough and hairy stem. Fresh root of Pushkarmool is brown and becomes grayish on drying.  There comes aroma of camphor from the fresh roots.

Pushkarmool finds its best application for external and internal uses.  Owing to its antiseptic properties roots of Pushkarmool, give appreciable results in dressing the wounds and ulcers. The paste of Pushkarmool is recommended on chest as it gives good result in pleurisy. Pushkarmool is also useful in inflammatory conditions of lungs. Pushkarmool shows antibacterial and antifungal activity. Use of Pushkarmool churn gives good result in promoting appetite and helping indigestion.  Pushkarmool is a panacea for cough, hiccup and bronchial asthma. Pushkarmool powder with honey is beneficial in curbing the frequency of paroxysms of broncho spasm. Pushkarmool helps to check the fever of vata and kapha origin. Pushkarmool helps re open the blocked channels and digest the undigested food.  Pushkarmoola has anti inflammatory properties and checks edema. Chewing the roots of Pushkarmool helps in hoarseness of voice.  When there is painful and scanty menstruation use of Pushkarmool gives good results as it helps to regulate the menstruation flow. Pushkarmool helps to promote sexual power in males.  Pushkarmool helps to check metal fatigue and strengthen the nervous system.  Pushkarmool helps to check cardiac asthma and is a boon in breathlessness.  Pushkarmool is also helpful in obesity as it helps to get rid of extra fats in the body. In case of anemia use of Pushkarmool gives good results.

Researches have proved its hypoglycemic. Anti  Hypertensive action. Pushkarmool ‘s antibacterial and anti fungal activities have also been proved by research.

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