Know Religious Value of Amla tree/ Emblica officinalis

emblica-officinalis-3In early times when there was no existence of whole universe Lord Brahma started chanting the avinashi parbrahm . While expiration of his one of his breath tears came from his eyes out of devotion. The tears endowed with the feelings of deep devotion fell on the ground. From that tear, there emerged a tree with many branches. From there got erupted a tree that was laden with fruits. It was the tree of amla alsoknown as Emblica officinalis that got emerged first of all. Amla tree is the most favorite of Lord Vishnu. All gods were astonished to see the presence of amla tree on the earth before their own existence. Then came a voice in the sky that Amla tree is the best among all the trees because it is the favorite of Lord Vishnu. Just thinking of amla gives the benefit of donating cow in charity. These virtues get doubled when one sees the tree of amla and the same get thrice when one eats the fruits of amla. This favorite tree of Vishnu destroys all the sins and makes one;’ desires fulfilled when one worships the amla tree. A person worshipping under the amla tree gets manifolds virtues. When there is an indication of worshipping the tulsi plant and the same is not available, it is the amla tree that can be worshipped on behalf of it. A person taking a bath under amla tree on the day of ekadsahi i.e eleventh day of the Indian month system , makes Lord Vishnu pleased and gets his dreams come true. Those who want to gain wealth should take bath of amlas. Our texts say that Amla bath should not be taken on no moon night, full moon night, Sundays, skranti i.e when Sun changes the Zodiac sign , ninth and seventh day of the Indian month. Amla such a tree that person paying homage to pitra. i.e. departed souls of his family, under this tree makes the departed souls free from the cycle of rebirth. Even a person washing his hairs with water dipped in amla gets blessings of Lord Vishnu. A person where there is amla placed regularly in a house, all the evil souls remain keeping away from that house. A person taking meals under amla tree in the kartika month (October- November) gets free from his sins. Having lights under amla tree makes one’s virtues enhanced. Wearing a garland of tulsi and amla in the month of kartik makes a person rich spiritually. Taking a bath with amla pleases Lord Vishnu and hence gets fulfilled his desires.

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