Know Causes and Symptoms of Ajirna – Indigestion

images (1)There are four types of Agni in the body viz.-manda, tikshna, vishama, and sama.  The  first  three are due  to  the  predominance  of vata,  pitta  and  kapha  respectively  and  fourth  one  reflects the equilibrium of all these three types  of agni.  Vatik disorders arise from visham agni a type of agni which helps to digest the food sometimes properly and sometimes improperly.  Pittaj disorders arise from tikshna agni i.e that agni  which  digests  the  usual  quantity  of  food or  even  excess  quantity  with  any  difficulty, within  a very  short time and the kaphaj disorders from the mandagni that  which  is incapable  of digesting  even  small  quantities  of  food.

Types of Ajirna

Three types of ajirna are caused by these abnormal agnis.  Kaphaj type is called as   ama ajirna; pittaj type is called as vidagdha-ajirna, vataj type as vistabdha ajirna

There is another type i.e fourth type of ajirna called as rasashesa ajirna related to ahara rasa indigestion on nutrient of food. Another type of ajirna is called as dina paki ajirna in which the food is digested the next day but without   causing any difficulty. Sixth one  type is called as prativasara ajirna which  is found  every day  normally,  immediately  after  taking  food  .

What causes ajirna or indigestion?

Drinking  large  quantity  of water, taking food either in  large  or  small  in  quantity  and at  unusual   times, suppression of  natural  urges, loss  of  sleep  at  nights or sleeping during  day are the factors that  cause  indigestion  of  food  even  though  such  food is taken in normal  in  quantity  and   taken  at  proper  time . If a person afflicted with jealous, fear, anger, greed, grief, humility and hate takes food, it is not digested properly.

Symptoms of Ajirna

Heaviness of  the  abdomen  or  of  the  whole  body , nausea, swelling   of  the  cheeks  and  eyes ,belching   and similar  to  those  occurring  soon after meals signify occurrence of ajirna.

giddiness, thirst, fainting, sour  and  belching  ,perspiration, burning  sensation  inside  and  other are  symptom  of pittaj ajirna. Pain in the abdomen, timpanists, non-movement of flatus, delusion and other symptoms of vata vrddhi.                      Aversion to food, bad belching and heaviness of abdomen are symptoms of rashesha ajirna.

Complications of ajirna

Fainting, delirium, vomiting, excessive salivation, debility, giddiness or even

death is the complications of ajirna.

Beware! Ajirna causes many other diseases

Persons  who  eat  large quantities  of  food  recklessly  like  cattle  will  develop  this  disease ajirna  which cause further  other  diseases. For instance, ama-ajirna causes visuchika, vidagdha-ajirna causes alasaka and vistabdha ajirna causes vilambika.In  visucika  the patient  suffers  from  pricking  pain  as  though  pierced  by  needle,  fainting, diarrhoea, vomiting,severe,  thirst,  abdominal pain, giddiness, twisting  of the arms  and  legs ,yawning, burning  sensation  all  over discolouration,tremors and there is  pain in  the  region  of  heart  headache.    In    alsaka the  patient  has severe distention  of abdomen,delusions,   crying  helplessly, flatus  moving  upwards  being  blocked  down  wards,non expulsion  of  flatus  and  feces ,thirst, belching. In    vilambika  food does  not  get  out  of  the  body  either  in  either  in  upward  direction  or  in  downward  direction  due  to  effect  of  kapha  and  vata  this  is  very  difficult  condition  to  treat. Ama  resides  gives  rise   not  only to  pain  but  also becomes  the  site  for  manifestation  of  many  diseases  which  are  due  to the the  action  of  the  dosha  travelling  all  over  the  body  associated  with  ama.

 Fatal  signs  in  ajirina and  associated  diseases

Black coloration of teeth, lips and nails, loss of consciousness, severe  vomiting, in drawing  of  eyes ,feeble  voice ,looseness, of all joints  of  the body, proper  digestion of  food, symptoms, pure  belchings ,without  bad  smell of taste. Enthusiasm, elimination  of  feces ,flatus  and  urine  properly  ,lightness  of  the  body, appearance  of hunger and  desire for  water,

Fivecomplications of visuchika

loss  of  sleep, restlessness, tremors, suppression  of urine, loss   of  consciousness,    ajirna  occur mainly  due to irregularities of  food , ajirna is the  caused for  many other diseases,  when it  is cured other  diseases  also  get  cured.






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