Know Benefits and Uses of Tulsi/Ocimum sanctum

Ocimum-Sanctum-ExtractTulsi is a herb that has been held in high esteem in Hindu culture. Various texts eulogize tulsi for its spiritual benefits. Though known for its vast uses as a household medicine, tulsi is worshipped in Indian homes due to its religious importnace. Known as hari priya, vrinda and madhavi, tulsi gives auspicious results when planted immediate outside a house. Water with tulsi dipped in, is given to person who are taking their last breath. Known botanically as Ocimum sanctum,  tulsi leaves are used during havan or religious ceremonies.  A garland made of tulsi wood is used  frequently by various sages . Tulsi wood is also used in funeral ceremonies of dead persons. Though tulsi is worshipped whole of the year in the month of kartika or October November are very significant for the same. Ceremonies performed near tulsi plants give beneficial results. Use of tulsi makes a person to get rid of various sins.

Medicinal uses of tulsi

Tusli herb has to its credit various medicinal properties. Decoction of tulsi leaves with kali maricha gives relief in fever. Juice of tulsi leaves with lemon juice as local application on ringworm gives relief. Use of tulsi leaves with ajwain is beneficial in aamvata or rheumatoid arthritis.  Regular use of tulsi leaves gives appreciable results in vata rakta or gout. Tusli leaves with kali maricha and ghee helps in checking vata disorders. Application of tulsi with Ganga jal (water taken from the Ganga river)  is helpful in white patches on skin.  When there is itching on the skin, use of tulsi leaves with neem leaves gives appreciable results. In typhoid fever use of tulsi leaves with javitri and honey gives good results. Tulsi leaves with Vasa leaves are useful in cough.  When there is poisoning in the body tulsi leaves with ghee help to detoxify the same.  Use of tulsi leaves with honey as local application in eyes help to check ailment s of eyes.  Powder of tulsi seeds or roots give beneficial result in seminal diseases. Its use also enhances vigour strength of male . Tulsi leaves with alum help to check any injury on the body. In case of any burn on the skin juice of tulsi leaves with coconut oil gives beneficial results. Tulsi leaves when taken with black pepper or kali maricha helps in headache. When there is burning micturition or there is difficulty in expulsion of urine, tusli leaves with water and milk give beneficial results.  When there are blisters on the mouth or mukhpaka , leaves of chameli or jati with tulsi leaves give good results

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