Know Benefits and Uses of Gokshur/Tribulus terrestris

downloadAyurvedic texts say that Gokshur is called by this name as it resembles the cloven hoof of a cow. Though its synonyms are not available in Vedic literature yet the synonyms which are prevalent are named on the basis of the properties contained in it.  Gokshur is called swadu kantak (sweet thron) owing to the sweet taste of the spine and called as ikshu (sugatcane ) gandha(smell) to its smell like sugarcane . One of the ingredient of laghu panchmool ( five roots of minor plants) . Gokshur finds its application for its frequent use as a diuretic.  Sushruta smahita refers gokshura as balya and nutritive tonic. Gokshur improves the quality ofsemen. Gokshur is drug of choice when there is burning micturition and urines comes out with difficulty.

Sweet in taste and sweet in post digestive effect, gokshur is known to be cold in potency.  Heavy and oily in attributes gokshur pacifies vata and kapha dosha. Gokshur not only improves quality of semen but also is helpful in renal calculi and diabetes.  Charaka has included this herb in the group of shotha har i.e. pacifying edema, mutravirchney i.e diuretic and krimghana  i.e destroying worm infestation..

Gokshur a  prostate spreading herb , densely covered with minute hairs . This is annual or perennial thriving on the moist soil. The whole plant is used as medicinal properties. Though well known for its uses in internal application, gokshur can be used external for dressing the wounds with paste of leaves. Owing to its unique feature of promoting the flow of urine and cooling and soothing the urinary tract and helping in expulsion of stones, gokshru is a boon in urinary tract infections. Infact   gokshur helps to rejuvenate urinary tract. Gokshur helps to rejuvenates growth of uterus.  Gokshur is one of the medicines for infantile uterus disorders.  When there is aggravation of vata that is reflected through pain, use of gokshur helps a lot.  Gokshur acts as a laxative when given in large doses. Gokshur powder given with milk helps to check bleeding from the nose or other parts of the body.

Decoction of gokshur fruit with milk acts as vajikarna i.e. promotes sexual efficacy. Decoction of Shunthi with gokshur helps in checking aam vata or arthritis. Gokshur used with flowers of tila or sesame as a paste with honey promotes growth of hair. Researchers have shown it has anti cancer activity, hepato protective activity, litho tropic property, diuretic activity and aphrodisiac property.

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