Know Benefits and Uses of Kali maricha/ Black pepper/ Piper nigrum

kali-mirch                  Commonly known as kali maricha and used frequently in Indian kitchens, Black pepper has been held in high esteem by ancient sages.   Pungent in taste and pungent in post digestive effect Kali maricha aggravates pitta. Light in its effect and sharp in attributes maricha serves as an appetizer.   Kali maricha is not very hot in potency and not aphrodisiac, easy for digestion and makes the food tasty. Owing to its property of splitting and drying, maricha kindles hunger and mitigates kapha and vata.

Benefits and uses of Kali maricha

Maricha has been widely used in various formulations. Kali maricha finds it mention in groups of drugs indicated for improving digestive fire, Pacifying colic and shiro virechna and expelling morbidity from head region.  Maricha has to its credit to work as rejuvenator in respiratory diseases. Kali maricha eliminates accumulated material from the body. Trikatu churna used in various ailments has Kali maricha as one of the constituents.  A person suffering from chronic cold gets relief when he continuously sucks the kali maricha.  Kali maricha gives beneficial results in enlarged spleen and liver. Kali maricha has been mentioned in the formulations for aphrodisiac in Charak Samhita. Kali maricha is one of the components of madhvasava indicated for prameha or diabetes. Kali maricha is one of the component of yavani  shadava  churna and Talishadi churna indicated in Rajyakshma or T.B. Kali maricha ‘s use is there in for formulations indicated in skin diseases. Maricha is one of the components of formulations mentioned for mental disorders. Four formulations mentioned in Charak Samhita for arsha or pile each, contain in them kali maricha as one of the component.  Interestingly maricha find its maximum mention in the formulations indicated for kasa roga or cough . Chapter related to poison in Charak Samhita. Use of maricha is also indicated in vagianl disorders.

The fine powder of maricha give beneficial results in treating colitis. . Used with honey kali maricha helps to check cough, asthma and cold. A poultice made of pepper, salt, and vinegar is benevolent for softening the corns. The oil prepared from maricha curbs the itching sensation in skin disease.  Used with draksha or grapes, haritaki or harad, rasona or garlic, maricha gives beneficial results in the hoarseness of voice. Kali maricha with baked hingu gives relief in abdominal pain. Tooth brushing with maricha is a boon for teeth while gargling with maricha is cure for sore throat.

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