Learn How to Know Evil effects of Shani or Saturn

images (3)There are nine planets and twelve houses in a horoscope according to Indian astrology. Each planet visits a sign after a fixed interval and stays there for some time. Moon is a planet which stays in a sign for about two days or more while Saturn’s stay is longest. Saturn stays in a sign about two and half years and gets back to the same sign after about 30 years.

Planets staying in a specific sign have an impact on the native’s life. Effect of the planet is good or bad, it depends upon which house is transited by the planet. For instance Saturn after its stay in Libra entered the   scorpion sign on 2nd Nov. 2014. During its stay here for about three years Saturn will make a positive and negative impact on the life of an individual.

Saturn as the planet of justice does its duty well. Any person committing any wrong is penalized certainly. The unique feature of shani or Saturn’s planet is that a person suffering its rigorousness comes out as perfect person.  It is just like of gold becoming pure and fine after being suffered the heat and agony of fire.

How to know that Saturn‘s having ill effects

Not all the persons have knowledge of astrology.  Instead of going to the configuration of planets it is easy way to know the ill effects of Saturn or Shani from the some observations.  For instance a person having anxiety for no causes, developing feeling of jealous, habit of backbiting signifies the evil effects of shani or Saturn. There comes a moment when the close friends turn enemies. There is demotion in one’s the profession or job. There  are some tasks which can be accomplished easily just by the call of phone  become a hurdle like an Himalayan task. These are the signs related to evil effects of shani or Saturn. Saturn or shani is also evil when there starts quarrel in an otherwise a happy family. A person’s addiction towards alcohol and drugs reflect shani or Saturn. A person becomes lazy or feels sad and starts loving old discarded things signify the evil effects of shani or Saturn. Many people get their electric appliances all of a sudden out of order. It is nothing but evil effect of shani or Saturn. If a soft spoken person turns tough in his voice it means that he is having ill effect of shani or Saturn.  Pimples or blemishes on the face or oily skin are nothing but the evil effects of shani. A person having Saturn or shani in his ascendant or lagna gets his work done slowly but certainly.  There is delay in their work but they are not denied. For further information please visit http://healthyminute.in/2014/03/16/facts-about-shanisaturn-in-astrology/


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