Know Causes and Symptoms of Swarabheda/ Hoarseness of Voice

images (6)   Speaking in high pitch, taking some poison, study in loud voice, injury to throat region and such other causes which enhances vata which  gets concentrated   in  the  organs  of  voice  producing are some of the factors that causes swarabheda or hoarseness of voice. The voice of a person gets changed. There are six types of swarabheda or hoarseness, three types arising from each dosha viz. vata, pitta and kapha while  the other one from the combination of these three doshas. The fifth one called medaj swara bheda or hoarseness arises due to vitiation of meda and the last i.e. the sixth one from kshyaj or loss of body tissues. Thus these are known as vataj, pittaj, kapha, sannipataj, medaj and kshyaj types of swarabheda or hoarseness. Depending upon the causative doshas, symptoms of swarabheda are different for different types.

          Symptoms of Different types of Swarabheda/hoarseness

When there is   blackish discoloration of eyes, face, urine and feces and voice is broken and is slow and   harsh and the voice resembles the voice of money it reflects that the patient is having swara bheda. While yellowish discoloration of eyes, face, urine and feces with burning sensation in the throat, it signifies that the person signifies that he is suffering from pittaj swarabhea Hoarseness of voice . Obstruction  to  the  throat   by  kapha  or thick  fluid and the voice is slow and of low pitched and becomes slightly  better  during  day  time  signify the presence of kaphaj  type of swarabheda or hoarseness.  Occurrence of all the symptoms of three doshas and the disease becomes incurable as per our sages; the swarabheda is called as tridoshaj type or occurring due to three doshas. Feeble voice  associated  with  a  feeling  of  hot  fumes  coming  out  of  the  throat  with completely lost voice which can’t be treated reflects the occurrence of kshyaj swarabheda or hoarseness . This type of swarabheda or hoarseness occurs due to vitiation of meda dhatu. When voice appears to be tough coming from great depth, the syllables are not clear and the voice is very slow the person having coating of kapha in the throat and feels thirst in excess confirms the occurrence of Kshyaj swarabheda.

When swarabheda or hoarseness becomes incurable

Swarabheda or hoarseness is  incurable  in  person  who  are  very  weak , very  aged , emaciated and having swara bheda or hoarseness  for a long time, or the disease is from birth time of he person suffering from it is obese and there  is involvement of all the three doshas.


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