Know Causes and Symptoms of Trishna/ Excessive Thirst

3251577615_hands_water_xlargeWhen a there is tendency to drink water that the normal routine of a person, the person is said to suffer from trishna roga or disease of excessive thirst.

Trishna or thirst occurs due to vitiation of pitta associated with vata. Factors like  fear, fatigue,  loss  of  strength  increase vata  which with association of pitta aggravated  by its own causes  invade and  disturb  the  organ  of fluid  system  of  the  body produce  trishna  roga or  sever  thirst after  getting  localized  of doshas in the  palate region.

Types of Trishna or Thirst

Madhav Nidan the renowned Ayurvedic   text on  diagnosis of diseases has described seven types of trishna/thirst  viz. arising due to vitiation of – vata,   pitta,  kapha,  due to  ulceration, from  depletion  or  loss  of  body  tissues known as kshyaj,  ama or  accumulation  of  undigested  material  and due to  vitiated  food

 Symptoms of different type of trishna

Pinched  or  dry  face  ,pricking  pain  in  the  temples and  head  ,obstruction  of  passage of fluid,

bad  taste  in  the  mouth  ,increase  of  thirst  by  drinking  cold  water  signify symptoms of vataj trishna.

Fainting ,aversion  to  food, delirium, burning  sensation, reddish  eyes  ,insatiable  thirst, comfort  by  cold ,bitter taste  in  mouth ,yellowish  urine  feces  eyes  and  burning  sensation  signify symptoms of pittaj  trishna.

Kaphaj type of trishna   occurs  by  the obstruction  of  heat  of  pitta  inside   the  body  by  the  increased  kapha  ,sleep  more  than  usual, heaviness  of  the  body  ,sweet  taste  in  the  mouth  ,person  become  emaciated  quickly  in  this type .

Trishna or thirst caused by pain and bleeding due to ulceration on the body is called kshtaj trishna. Kshyaj  trishna  results from loss  of  rasa  dhatu or the  first  and  predominantly  watery  tissue  of the  body  and  persists  both  during  day  time  and  nights.

Trishna or thirst does  not  get  relived  by  any  amount  of  water  intake   and  manifests  other  symptoms  of  rasa  ksaya.   Pain,  tremors,  feeling  of  dryness  and  emptiness  of  the  heart  dryness  of  the  mouth  skin  etc  kshayaja  trishna  as  sannipataja .

It is tha amaja  trishna  that presents the  symptoms of  all  three  doshas  along  with  heart  ache, expectoration of  sputum and weakness.  Anaja type is produced by ingestion of very fatty,Sour,   salty  and  heavy  food   and more  in quantity  .

Know when Trishna or thirst is incurable

Patients  of  thirst  who  have  developed  feeble  voice ,bouts  of  delusion or  unconsciousness, restlessness, severe  dryness, of  mouth  throat  and  palate  and  emaciation  are difficult to cure. Any  type  of  trishna is  very  severe  and  seen  in  person  who  are  debilitated  by  other  diseases

who  are  having  vomiting  concur rently that  associated  with  complications  are  to  be  understood  as  causing  death

Complications of trishna

Fever, delusion, emaciation, cough, increased or difficult respiration are the complications of the trishna .







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