Know Anger and its Astrological Aspect

angerDo you like to punish yourself for the faults of others? Your answer is no positively. But most of the people do it unknowingly. Yes they do so when they get angry over some one. They make their body suffer for the no faults of their own.

What is anger?

Anger is a sudden and forceful emotion with destructive potential. It is said no decision should be taken when one is angry and no promises should be made when one is exceptional over joyed. Anger wraps the mind and lies in wait to produce future negative behavioral changes in future. Anger propels a man to commit several sins. He, who is not perturbed by adversity, is free from attachment, fear and anger. Anger, greed and lust are called as three gates of hell. It is like a substance that hurts more in whom it is possessed the the person for whom it is targeted. Anger’s consequences are always bad. Anger is nothing but an index of the gap between one’s expectations and achievements. It reflects that one is not strong enough to bear the imperfections and the things not done according to one’s expectations. Anger is a momentary madness. An angry person loses his wisdom. He has no control over his thoughts and emotions. Anger acts as a corrosive in family and friend relations. Anger does not affect merely the mental health but physical health too. Anger wraps the mind with   negative thoughts and further negative thoughts are generated from here. Riots, murder, arsons, wars, suicides, are the sour fruits of anger.

Anger and Astrology

There are some combinations in astrology which reflect the tendency of making a person angry. Moon reflects the mind. A well placed moon signifies a cool mind.

Moon, mars with impact of Saturn and Ketu makes a person to lose control over his feelings and makes him frustrated.  Impact of mars and Saturn in fifth house too has similar effects. Such persons are influenced by others. Persons indulging in unnecessary imagination and doing different works at a time are more prone to be the victim of anger.  They get fatigued early.

To be free from anger, take care to have satvic food like ghee, milk, fruits etc. Avoid constipation.

Minimize use of heavy food like urd dal and avoid non vegetarian food. Wearing white clothes and avoiding black clothes keep the mind cool. Listen to some religious song in the early morning. Keep a gap of three hours between meals and sleep. Remember to give extra love and attention to those people. Wearing of vacha root (Acarus calamus) and ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root in silver in neck region helps in controlling anger.



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