Know Cure of Liver Disorders -Ayurveda and Astrolgy

download (5)Liver is the largest gland in the body. Liver is the second largest organ of the body after the skin. Liver helps in digestion through its bile. The larger clumps of fats are emulsified into smaller pieces having more surface area thus making it easy for digestion. Liver helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in to biologically useful material. Liver serves as the immune organ of the body. Liver acts as storage system for various nutrients, enzymes and minerals it obtains from blood. Liver detoxifies blood and produces various substances useful for the body. Vitamin A, D, E, K and minerals like iron and copper are stored in the liver so as to make constant its supply to the body.

  Ayurveda tips for liver diseases

From the functions of liver mentioned above it is clear that any defect in its working the body is deprived of many of its benefits. Yes there is no storage of essential elements, no production of enzymes, no detoxification, and no proper digestion and so on. It is essential for the liver to be in a good working condition. This condition is commonly known as Jaundice. (

Ayurveda helps a lot in maintaining health of liver but also curing it when the same becomes abnormal in its functions.  Use of radish, radish leaves, chandan with ama haldi, ghrit kumara or Aloe  vera should be used to protect liver and keep it in a healthy state.  Giloy i.e  Tinospora cordifolia’s juice or decoction helps a lot in liver disorders.  Punarnava  i.e. Boerhavia diffusa is one of the best herbs that is used in liver disorders. Bhumyamlaki ‘powder has proven its worth in liver disorders including Hepatitis C.  Other herbs useful in liver disorders are bhringraj  i. e Eclipta alba,  sugarcane etc.

Astrology and liver diseases

In a horoscope, status of liver health is adjudged through its fifth house.  A strong fifth house signifies a healthy liver while any vitiation there points to abnormalities related to it. Further ninth house also add to the knowledge of functions of liver Wearing a garland prepared from the pieces of giloy gives beneficial results in liver disorders. Wearing of punarnava leaves too give similar results.  Use of wearing of silver is appreciable in liver disorders.  Similarly copper vessel is considered as one of the best vessel for the person having liver disorders.  He should use these vessels for taking food and water. Use of wearing of gold or pukhraj or topaz is strongly contradicted   for persons having liver disorders.


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