Know Causes and Symptoms of Kasa or Cough

images (4)                               Kasa or cough is  reflected as an irritation whose nomenclature is based on the sound that is produced suddenly and  resembles like  that of  coming  out  of  a  broken  bronze .The sound thus  produced  resembles the word kasa and hence the nomenclature.  Kasa  roga or cough  is caused by various factors like  inhalation  of  smoke, dust or taking  dry food, food  particles  entering  the  wrong  passage, trachea, indulging in over exercise,  suppression of  natural  urges etc. Controlling   sneezing  and  such  other  activities  cause increases  of  prana  udana vata  hence resulting in the occurrence of kasa  or cough.

Symptoms which tell that the person is going to suffer from kasa or cough

Feeling  of  thorns  pricking  in  the throat , irritation  and  obstruction  to  movement  of  food  are the symptoms which warn a person that he is going to suffer form kasa roga or cough disease.

Types of Kasa or cough

There are five types of kasa or cough as mentioned in Ayurvedic texts viz.-   Vata, pitta, kapha kshataj, injury  to  chest, kshayaj i.e  loss  of  tissues. Neglecting   the first  four types, lead  to  ksayaj i.e dhatu kshyaj wasting  of  the  tissues.

Symptoms of vataja kasaimages (5)

Having   pain  in  the  region  of  the  heart,  temples, head, abdomen and  flanks with   dry  face  and mouth signify the vataj kasa.  Symptoms of debility, feeble voice, lack of enthusiasm and continuous   husky and dry cough also appear in vataj kasa.

Symptoms of Pittaj Kasa

Burning  sensation  in  the  chest  fever, dryness  and  bitter  taste  in  the  mouth  , severe  thirst,   yellowish  and  bitter vomiting , yellowish-white  skin , complexion  burning  sensation  in  the  body confirm that the person is having pittaj kasa.

Symptoms of Kaphaja kasa

Mouth  full  with  thick  saliva,  headache,  accumulation  of  kapha  all  over  the  body  anorexia  heaviness irritation in  the  throat  heavy  cough  followed  by  thick    sputum  being  expectorated are the symptoms associated with kaphaj kasa.

 Causes and Symptoms of kshataj kasa

Persons  who  are  weak , indulge  in  too  much  of  sexual  intercourse, carry heavy  weights ,walk  long distance,  tame or  fight  with  elephants  , horses  etc. have the possibility of getting   injury  to  the  chest  and get tearing in their   lungs  and  produce  cough  symptoms. Dry  cough  followed  by expectoration  of  blood  mixed  sputum  pain  in  the  throat, severe  pain  in  the  chest  as  though  pricked  by  needles  or  cutting  or  knowing  pain  are the symptoms of kshataj kasa or cough. Symptoms of  Patients’ resisting of  touch  by  others,  pain  in  the  joints ,fever,  increased  respiration,  thirst , voice  like  that  of  a pigeon  also appear in kshataj kasa.

 Causes and Symptoms of kshaya kasa

Indulgence  in  irregular  and  untimely  meals  unaccustomed  foods  excessive  sex, suppression  of  bodily  urges  too  much  of  jealousy grief  etc  these  causes  increase  of  all  three  dosas  destroys  the  digestive  functions  produce  kshayaj  kasa  .Wasting  of  all  the  dhatus or tissues  of  body  pain  all  over  the  body  fever  burning  sensation, delusion wasting  and  dryness of the  body  extreme  weakness  cough, sputum  mixed  with  blood  and  pus  this  disease  with  all  the  symptoms  is  very  hard  to  treat  and  kills  the  very  weak  person

When the kasa is curable

Cough  is  curable  in  persons  who  are  strong  which  is  of  recent  onset, Kshataj   kasa  and  kasa  of  very  old  persons  can  be  controlled  ,  if  all  the  limbs  of  treatment  and  food  are  good  ,  but  it  persists  through  the  rest  of  life ,The  first  three  kinds  are  easily  curable  the  chronic  ones  are  to  be  controlled  with  suitable foods  etc .




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