Diwali – a festival of Diyas and not of Electronic lights.

download (3)In spite of being a festival of great significance, celebrations of Diwali’s are being limited to playing crackers, cleaning our houses and exchanging gifts with friends. Though mainly associated with celebrating the joy of coming of lord Rama after the exile of fourteen years, Diwali festival has a lot of reasons for its celebration.   Celebrated on Kartik amavasya, Diwali festival has to its credit enriching the people with lot of blessings.  Brahmpurana says that Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi visits the neat and  clean houses of noble persons. That is why there is a trend of cleaning the houses on the day with complete perfection and decorating the houses with lightening to accord her warm welcome. The trend of using diyas is associated with removing the foul smell and dirt and is this purpose is not served by the electronic lights. The period of Diwali or deep mala is taken as from the period of pradosha kaala till midnight.

Bhavishyoter  purana   and Diwali

Bhavishyoter  purana  says  Kartika   amavasya  i.e. no moon night of Kartik month is an occasion to worship our pitar i.e our fore fathers who left for heavenly abode. Diwali is the occasion to pay our homage to our God and elders. Worshipping them with milk, curd, and ghee, and then singing chants for God and living in clean houses and using instrument like damru etc. which make noise to expel alakshmi or poverty from the house is a testimonial of celebrating Diwali.

Diwali is festival of diyas and not of electronic lights

Diwali is a festival where taking a bath in the evening is indicated for those who keep fast .  Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Indra and Kuber the god who take care of all wealth of Gods are to be worshipped at night. Sweets, fruits and flowers and fragrant sticks are dedicated to them.  In fact as said earlier , Diwali is festival of lights i.e. of Diyas not electronic light. When we use it, we deviate from its true path. We are supposed to reflect our adoration to our God. Lakshmi visits those who use only which are clean and where persons of noble deed live. So persons indulging in nefarious activities are not able to contain its blessings. Crackers too add to pollution and are not to be used. Electronic lights are neither fit on religious grounds nor for the economic health of the country. We all celebrate Diwali but without realizing its real purpose and the way of celebrating in true sense. Diwali not only adds spiritual benefits but keep  the  person healthy if celebrated in a right spirit and appropriate ways .

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