Know – Why Worship The Ganga River

DSC01480Ganga is a river which enjoys the privilege of being the most  pious river on the earth. The unique feature about the Ganga is that its sanctity remains intact in spite of a lot of dirt which accumulates in it. Its spiritual benefits are unparalleled. The pollution is only of physical type.  It was Bhagirath who brought down the Ganga on the earth through his worship .Brahma ji Himself  accorded a warm welcome to the Ganga.   The  Ganga is a pious pilgrimage. Ganga is known to make a person free of all sins.  Padam Purana says  taking a bath in Ganga makes a person such a contended person which not  even hundred spring seasons can make . A bath in Ganga ensures a path to  eternal Heaven. It removes all sins. A person who benefits after keeping a lot of religious fasts and performs yagyas, gains much after taking a bath in Ganga. One thousand Chandraya fasts don’t make the person so benefitted as drinking of Ganga jal does. A person who dies at the bank of Ganga river gets privileges that a yogi gets. Ganga gives its spiritual benefits just by seeing, drinking its water and by taking its name. Even thinking of Ganga adds virtue to his credit. Just as the sun gives light to all equally, so do this pious river, it benefits all uniformly. Those who doubt about the chastity of the Ganga, they reflect their ignorance. Ganga is such a pious blessing that it is beyond human thinking to pen down its all credibility. It is a divine gift on the earth and of course human beings are not competent enough to verify its chastity. Ganga is a great river both in its magnitude and in its purpose. Ganga starts from gomukha at Gangotri to Bay of Bengal after passing through various cities like Haridwar, Kanpur Allahabad, Varanasi, Patna, Bhagalpur etc.  After the death of a person his mortal remains are poured into Ganga and especially Haridwar is the place well known for this purpose.  Many people visit Haridwar daily for this purpose.  It is believed that performing last ritual at Ganga gives salvation to the deceased. Though the Ganga takes its origin  from Gangotri but many small rivers add to it to make andand nourish the Ganga.  Ganga at Haridwar is formed by the confluence of two main rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda.  Ganga and Yamuna joins together with Saraswati at allahbad and then the river flows with the name of Ganga. Tehri dam the largest dam in Asia is constructed on this river. Constructions of various dams on this river are in the pipeline, there will come a time when the coming generations will not be able to original form of Ganga.  It is our duty not others to play havoc with its original form.

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