Know Uses and Benefits of Different Types of Curd

Curd used frequently as food item by most of the people is prepared from milk. Its qualities become different owing to the source of milk being used for it. In general curd is hot in potency, appetizer, demulcent, slightly associated with astringent taste, heavy to digest, sour in post digestive effect, absorbent, aggravates pitta and rakta or blood. Its regular uses causes edema, promotes body fats. Curd is useful when there is difficulty in micturition. Curd is also indicated in common cold, fever with chills, emaciation and the mouth feels a different taste. Curd promotes strength and semen.

   Five Types of Curd in Ayurvedic Texts

Curd which appears like milk and is not properly curdled and allows free flow of urine and feaces and aggravates three doshas is called as mandak. Properly curdled with properly manifested sweetness and unmanifested sourness is called as svadu. This type of curd though improves sexual efficacy promotes fat and kapha blocks the channels in the body. This type of curd checks bleeding pacifies vata and is sweet after digestion. Curd which is thick and sweet in taste and followed by astringent taste and having properties similar to that of svadu type of curd is called as svadvamala curd. Curd with latent sweetness and manifested sourness and which promotes appetite, induces rakta, pitta and kapha diseases are called as sour curd. Another type of curd which causes tingling sensation in the teeth , horripilation and burning sensation of throat , very much sour in taste and improves appetite while causing blood disorders is the fifth type of curd known as atyamal curd.

Different uses of Curd

Curd with sugar is good, pacifies thirst, pitta rakta and burning sensation while it is aphrodisiac, nourishing, nutritious and heavy to digest when used with jaggery. Curd should be used with ghee and sugar. Curd should never be used when it is hot and is strongly recommended to be taken in winter, summer and rainy season. Use of curd is to be avoided in post monsoon period, summer and spring. Care should be taken not to use curd at night.

Avoid inappropriate use of curd

Consuming curd in a season in which it is contradicted and using it not in a proper way causes various disorders like fever, epistaxis, herpetic skin lesions, skin diseases, anemia, vertigo, jaundice etc.

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