Know Benefits and Uses of Mulethi/ Yashthimadhu

mulethi-250x250In case of any abnornmality with the voice or there is sore throat ,use of mulethi or yashthimadhu is common in Indian households culture. Mulethi or yashthimadhu is the drug that finds its maximum reference in the chapter of Charak Samhita –the ancient text of Ayurveda where formulations of ten drugs each are described for fifty different health purposes. It confirms its effectiveness in vast range of diseases. Included in pharmacopeia of different ancient civilizations like that of India, China,Rome and Egypt.Inspite of it being popular for its use for throat problems mulethi or yashthimadhu is a nervine tonic also. Useful in inducing vomiting for therapeutic purposes mulethi or yashthimadhu is known botanically as Glycyrrhiza glabra. Useful in helping union of bones mulethi or yashthimadhu acts as an oleating adjunctive. Mulethi or yashthimadhu checks bleeding, helps to helps to heal wounds. Useful in asthma, mulethi or yashthimadhu is helpful in improving vision of eyes Mulethi or yashthimadhu is useful for hairs too. Cultivated in Punjab and sub Himalayan tract, mulethi or yashthimadhu has to its credit a lot of qualities for curing various diseases. Sweet in taste and also in post digestive effect, mulethi or yashthimadhu is cold in its potency . Mulethi or yashthimadhu pacifies morbidity of vata and pitta. It is heavy in digestion and oily in its attributes. Mulethi or yashthimadhu is a herb that has the potential to be used both for external and internal use. One of its best use is in healing the wound fast. Excellent results are achieved when wounds are dressed with powder of mulethi or yashthimadhu and ghee. When used for washing the hairs in the form of its decoction mulethi or yashthimadhu checks not only hair fall but prevents their premature greying. Internal use of mulethi or yashthimadhu with ghee helps to make a person energetic. In cough its use gives good results. When there is burning sensation in the chest region due to hyper acidity , use of mulethi powder gives appreciable relief. Mulethi or yashthimadhu powder is endowed with the propert to nourish all the seven types of dhatus viz., lymph, blood, flesh, fats, bones bone marrow and semen. Mulethi helps in maintain ojas of the body and improved complexion of the skin. Yes its judicious use helps to keep premature effects of old age away. Use of mulethi or yashthimadhu with ghee and honey followed by a glass of milk helps to gain energy in sexual acts. Though used in therapeutic procedures to induce vomiting it is also helpful to check vomiting. In case of hiccup, mulethi or yashthimadhu also gives beneficial results.

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