Know Causes and Symptoms Of Gout/ Vatarakta


How-to-Get-Rid-Of-Gout-Using Gout is a disease whose symptoms are closely similar to vatarakta disease mentioned in Ayurveda.

Causes of Vatarakta or Gout

Over indulgence in salty , sour, pungent, alkaline, fatty , very hot or uncooked , flesh or animals or birds of marshy or desert regions which have been soaked for long time in water ot those which are dry at all are some of the factors which cause vata rakta or gout.  Use of eatables like sesame, radish, horse gram, black gram, cow pea, leafy vegetables, mutton, curd, fermented drinks, alcohol, and incompatible food like milk with fish or salty products or sour fruits or honey with hot water is also responsible for the causes of occurrence vata rakta or gout.  Factors like indulging in anger, sleeping during daytime, keeping awake at night, taking food in large quantity all unhealthy activities and unhealthy food are known to be the cause of vatarakta or gout. Persons who are not accustomed to hard life style or enjoy comfortable life are more prone to be the victim of vatarakta or gout. Persons enjoying riding on elephants, horse, camel etc. for long duration of time are also prone to suffer from vatarakta or gout. Food causing burning sensation during or after food vitiates the blood and cause vatarakta or gout. This vitiated blood with vitiated vata makes a person suffer from vatarakta or gout.

Prodormal symptoms of vatarakta  or Gout

When there is excessive perspiration or no perspiration at all, skin gets more black, loss of sensation in skin, severe pain on slight injury, looseness of joints, person feels lethargy, weakness, appearance of trophies in joints such as knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, finger and toes, pain is intermittent, appearance of rashes on the skin- all these symptoms signify that the person concerned is going to suffer from vatarakta or gout.

Symptoms of Vatarakta or Gout

Pain pulsating or tearing or cutting pain, swelling of joints appear dry, colour becomes black or blue, contractures of fingers stiffness and severe pain , dislike for cold , are the symptoms which  occur due to vitaiation of vata in vatarakta or gout.  Vitiation of blood severely causes severe pain, pricking or feeling of pains and needles, skin truing to coppery or red colour, no relief either with oil or dry massage itching of fluid in joints. Dominancy of pitta causes burning sensation in the body, delusion, perspiration , fainting , toxicity , thirst , the joints will have tenderness , pain red color of skin swelling formation of pus inside and will be very hot in touch .Kapha causes inactivity, heaviness, loss of sensation, feeling of cold , mild itching and pain.  Pain generally starts from legs region or from hands to other parts of the body

Decoction of giloy i. e Tinospora cordifoila or that of peepal tree barks i.e. Ficus religiosa with honey gives good result.

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