Know Benefits and Harms of Sleeping during Daytime

images (1)Happiness or misery, stoutness or thinness, strength or debility , virility or impotence , knowledge or ignorance life or death all depend on sleep according to Charaka Samhita , a text on Ayurvedic written thousands years ago.

Who should sleep during day time

Sleep not taken properly destroys happiness though day sleep during day time is contradicted yet there are some situations where sleeping during day time is helpful. Persons who devote too much time in studying, singing, persons who indulge too much in wine, women  should sleep during day time. Day time sleep is indicated for persons involved in heavy physical exercises, walking long distance, having indigestion. Day time sleep is a boon for children, women and old people. Persons who are weak and suffer from debility, thirst can take day sleep comfortably. Day sleep is a blessing for those who are suffering from diseases like asthma, hiccup, coli, loose motion.  Persons falling from height, injured , insane  or exhausted by long travel can take sleep during day time. Persons who feel anger, grief, and fear must take day time sleep. Though not indicated in all conditions, person who is habituated to sleeping during day time can sleep safely during day time.

Who should not indulge in day sleeping

Though sleeping during day time serves as a health solution in various diseases but there are diseases in which sleeping during day time aggravates the same. Advanced stage of jaundice, headache, inactivity, feeling of heaviness in the body. Barring summer season day sleep in all other season is harmful. When there is loss of digestive power edema, loss of taste, nausea, rhinitis, partial headache, appearance of skin rashes, ulcers, eruptions itching, stupor, cough, disease of throat are some of the conditions where sleeping  during daytime is strongly contradicted.  When there is disturbance in memory and intellect. Day sleeping though generally considered as part of treatment in fever is strongly contradicted in it.  In case of obstruction of channels, inability of sense organs to do their function properly, and different stages of poisoning sleeping during day time is strongly forbidden.

Keeping wake makes the body dry while sleeping during day time makes the unctuous. Dozing during daytime is neither dry nor unctuous. Sleep is an important aspect of treatment in obesity and emaciation.  Mere variation in sleeping time brings remarkable changes in managing various diseases. So one should be aware of the indications and contradictions about sleep timings.

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