Know causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Leucorrhoea

It is estimated that every 8th woman in the society suffers from leucorrhoea. In leucorrhoea vaginal discharge is increased and is microscopically and macroscopically it is non purulent. Known as shweta pradra in Ayurvedic texts   leucorrhoea is a disease of various symptoms.L_1276

Causes and Symptoms of   leucorrhoea

Hormonal changes, metabolic changes or infection are responsible for the occurrence of   leucorrhoea. When estrogen level is increased secretion of endo cervical glands is also increased hence enriching the vaginal epithelium in glycogen. The glycogen loaded epithelium sheds the glycogen being converted in to lactic acid.  Metabolic activities like diabetes also cause   leucorrhoea.  According to Ayurveda, leucorrhoea is caused by vitiated vata and vitiated kapha. Kapha when vitiated causes vitiation of channels responsible for carrying rasa. Increased amount of shleshma i.e. product of rasa dhatu is secreted through vagina. This discharge is generally white in colour and causes no pain. Leucorrhoea also occurs when there is infection due to bacteria, fungi and protozoa. This type of   leucorrhoea also called as infective   leucorrhoea makes the discharge purulent, offensive and irritant.  Moistness in vulva region, staining of clothes which become brownish yellow on drying confirms diagnosis of it.  Such type of discharge is generally non offensive and non irritant. The patient develops a feeling of illness. Pain in lumbar region and constipation is also present in most of the cases.

Treatment Approach

For proper treatment of leucorrhoea besides improving general health, predisposing factors such as improper diet, stress, poor personal hygiene lack of fresh air are to be checked in. Good sunshine and improving of sanitation condition helps a lot in it.  The vaginal passage and uterus is to keep free from vitiation. Uttar basti i.e. Decoction of various medicines or oil processed with the herbs indicated for the same is used in the form of basti, a way similar to induce medicine through vulva region helps a lot in it. Processed milk, oil, decoction are also given through anal region.

 Tips that are helpful in Leucorrhoea or White discharge

  • Regular use of tomato is help ful in   leucorrhoea.
  • Grapes help in regularizing menstrual period. So it keeps health of female in a fine fetter.
  • Dal or pulses of masur gives relief in   leucorrhoea.
  • Powder of gram fried without oil or ghee when used with cow’s ghee helps in it.
  • Use of cumin seeds with sugar is useful in   leucorrhoea .
  • Regular use of old jaggery checks the white discharge in females.
  • Powder of ashwagandha with milk is helpful in checking   leucorrhoea.
  • Amla powder with honey is useful in   leucorrhoea.

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