Concept of Spiritual Health and how to attain it.


downloadPhilosophically, spirituality is the core of human existence and influences the physical, mental intellectual, emotional and social development of individual. Concept of spiritual health is based on the philosophical concept of the existence of spirit i.e. the source of life within the every being. Spiritual health may be defined as the as a state of complete well being and bliss of an individual on account of self realization through a structured process. Importance of spiritual health comes to fore when there is imbalance  or equilibrium is disturbed  like that of  respiration rate, pulse rate, blood pressure and attitude towards life.

Why Spiritual Health ?

For the best of health , peace and prosperity of  mankind , across the globe  training and practice of various asanas, pranyama, meditation  and lifestyle management is needed  to be developed. Patanjali  who is said to exist in India about thousands of year back  gave the people concept of spiritual health through his Patanjali yog sutra.   Spiritual health makes persons healthy by debarring him from negative thoughts and keeping him engaged in productive activities. Yes The knowledge and practice of spirituality affects health positively and is therefore fundamental to success and productivity of personal and professional life of ever human being. World health organization while defining health says that  health is a state of physical , mental and social well being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity.  It confirms that a sane mind in sane body makes a person healthy. It has now become a conventional wisdom not keep the meaning of health limited to physical well beings but to social and mental well being too.


How to attain good health

Here comes the concept of spiritual health.  To achieve the level of spiritual health one is sure to be away from the ill aspects of immorality. To attain good level of spiritual health one needs to be sincere in his dealing, relations.  Honest and must vale relationship. He is supposed to give due respect to elders. He should avoid cunningness , violence, and value his words and speech. He should use honest mean of earning. He should remain a God fearing person. It means when he knows that he is being observed continuously by some one , it will check its tendency to  indulge in unfair means . Living a life as per norms laid down in our texts makes a person free from worries and tension. Stress is one of the biggest cause  that aggravates  even the already existing physical diseases.

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