Know daily Regimen of Autumn Season

Rainy season is  a season where sky becomes covered with clouds, peacocks make amusing sounds, crane converge into   rivers while swam leave the rivers, Bilva tree becomes crowded with fruits, deer enjoy by running. Thereafter comes autumn season where rivers become disciplined, remain in their boundaries.14982538-autumn-season-concept-design-fall-background-with-text-in-beautiful-yellow-forest-vintage-design-wit

In rainy season the body becomes accustomed to cold during rainy season gets heated up by sun’s ray suddenly during this season leads to great increase of accumulated pitta in the forthcoming season of sharad or autumn. In this season food and drink which are cold in potency, sweet or bitter or astringent in taste should be consumed in a quantity that is easy to digest. Barley and wheat are the best food that should be taken in autumn season. Use of ghee is beneficial in autumn while use of oil is to be avoided.  Besides summer season, autumn season is the time in which one can drink plenty of water. While use of water in excess not advised at all in other seasons. Autumn season is the period where vitiation of blood is natura. With the impact of seasonal effects, blood disorders get enhanced in this season. It is necessary to get rid of these disorders. For it bloodletting is the most ideal procedure.  Those persons who want to donate blood , autumn season is the best season as it keeps the donor  person healthy besides being giving benefits to the needy person.   Use of curd is strongly contradicted in autumn season. Ghee processed with bitter drugs is useful in autumn season. Autumn season is the season when use of meat of aquatic and marshy lands, alkalis and day sleeping should to be avoided at all. Hansodka nakshtra in autumn season detoxifies the water due to the heat of sunrays of daytime and coolness of moonlight, which got otherwise vitiated in rainy season. The water in autumn season becomes clean and is good for drinking and taking bath. Exposure to moon light in autumn season is good. Meat of sheep is advisable in autumn season. Rainy season is the season when effect of poison gets aggravated while in autumn season the effect of poisons becomes minimized. This is the season when leeches for therapeutic uses are to be collected.

Autumn season comes after the rainy season which makes the atmosphere quite wet and humid. After the rainy season it is the autumn season which makes the atmosphere clear and the sunrays absorb the moisture from the atmosphere.

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