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downloadMediation is a step from the known into unknown realms of the existence. It is a journey from the periphery to the centre of one’s being. Meditation broadens one’s consciousness, awakens one’s dormant energies and the rechristens one’s propensities. . It is due to meditation that Mahavira turned into a Jina. It was due to meditation that Swami Vivekananda emerged from Narendra nath. Meditation enables a person to make one realize his extended self.  Mind the centre of all activities has the faculty of reasoning, but the intelligent enough to interpret the external phenomena. Mind has the power of willing but it can’t reach the reach the source.  Mediation controls the fluctuations of the human mind  and hence the fissiparous tendencies. The body an instrument catering to the urges of the senses proclivities the mind. Without prana or moving power it turns into a carcass. Sense gratification leads to disharmony within and makes one oblivious of the true goal of life. All religions and traditions recognize the significance of science of meditation. All cultures have almost the same thoughts i.e to stem the tide of thought waves and storming the ocean of mind and to gain transcendental consciousness. Mediation is above the stage of one’s imagination.  Intact mediation is an expansion of human consciousness .Today’s man so absorbed in the world of the senses that he has forgotten the real self. The outer man is nourished with all types of physical comforts and the inner man remains hungry. He is starved of spiritual solace.  Stressful life style, mounting desires, growing completion, decline in moral values, are some of the factors that lead to failure, frustration, or crime. The new social milieu born of materialist culture has affected not only the behavior of each individual but also the collective consciousness of society.  Here comes the solution through meditation. Meditation is a way to peace and progress both in this and the next world. Lord Krishna sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself, makes no distinction between high and low, native and foreign, humble and exalted. During meditation, there is a decrease in oxygen consumption, cardiac output and breath rate resulting in a revitalized organism. Increases in the electrical activity of the brain stimulate the cranial nerves and makes the attitudinal change in the adept who becomes emotionally more stable and mentally more orderly.  Meditation  is returning to the bosom of one , from whom all existence emanates and finds sustenance.

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