Know Benefits and Uses of various Fruits


Fruits are nature’s gift to mankind. They not only pacify hunger or relish taste but contain in them the properties to check various diseases.

Grapes /Vitis vinfera

Grapes are sweet in taste, cold in potency, and promote semen. Grapes are useful in checking thirst, burning sensation, fever, breathlessness, injury in chest region. Grapes besides pacifying vata and pitta, checks bleeding disorders. Grapes are useful in intoxication caused by alcohol. In case of bitter taste of mouth, dryness of mouth.

Kharjura/ Date/Phoenix dactylifera

Date or Kharjura is sweet in taste and cold in potency and promotes weight and semen. Kharjura is hard in digestion. When there is deterioration of the body it is the Kharjura or the date that helps.Kharjura is useful in burning sensation, injury and helps in pacifying vata and kapha.

Anjeer/Ficus carica

Anjeer or phalgu is nutritious, promotes weight, is heavy in digestion and cool din potency . It remains for long time without undergoing digestion.

Coocnut/Cocos nucifera

Ripened fruit of coconut or narial is weight promoting. i.e promotes weight, is cold in potency. Coconut bestows strength and is sweet in nature.

Pomegranate/Punicum granatum

Fruit of pomegranate is hot in potency, sour, astringent and sweet in taste. Pomegranate checks disorders of voice, increases morbidity of kapha, and pitta. Pomegranate causes constipation and kindles digestive fire. Pomegranate which is sour is causes dryness inside mitigates pitta and is good for health.

Jamun/Syzygium cumini

Seeds,  popularly used as medicine for diabetes, fruit of jamun is astringent with predominance of sweet taste. Jamun is heavy in digestion, stays long in the stomach. Jamun is cold in potency and mitigates kapha and pitta. Jamun aggravates vata and causes constipation.

 Peach/Aru/Prunus persica

Fruit of aru is not very hot gets digested quickly inspite of being heavy in nature. The ripened fruit of aru is sweet, tasty and promotes weight.

Paravat/Pear/ Pyrus pyrifolia

Fruit of paravat  or nashpati  are of two types sweet and sour.. They are cold and hot in potency and are heavy for digestion. They cure loss of taste and the condition when there is powerful digestive power.

Mango/Mangifera indica

Mango fruit in its ripened stage gives strength to muscles and promotes semen.fruit of mango which is not ripened fruit aggravates disorders of blood and pitta. Fruits of banana are sweet, slightly astringent, unctuous, cold in potency and hard for digestion.


Fruits of ber are sweet, unctuous causes purgation, pacify vata and pitta. Ber in its dried form pacifies kapha and vat and Is not against pitta.

Bilvaphal/Aegle marmelos

Bilvapahal is the only fruit that is beneficial when used before it ripened stage. Unripe fruit is unctuous, hot in potency, penetrating and mitigates kapha and pitta. . Ripened fruit is difficult in digestion and aggravates doshas.


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