Know Medicinal Uses of Ghee

imagesGhee is a food substance prepared form the milk of , the most pious animal of the universe according to Indian texts. Ghee is useful for all age group of persons from  the young children to old age people. Gifted with various properties like to enhance longevity, memory, lustre, beauty, vision, stamina, intellect etc. Ghee is used for detoxification of the body.  In autumn season there is natural aggravation of pitta and the use of ghee gives beneficial results.

Ghee promotes eye vision

In case of problems related to vision of eye, intake of ghrita with its local application as eye drops in the eye gives improves the vision. Triphala ghrita prepared from the cow ghee is useful in promoting the eyesight.and checking various eye disorders. Ghee not only soothes the eyes but also improves the vision.

Ghee enhances intellect

Ghee rejuvenates the mind. Those people who take ghee get rid of mental fatigue. Ghee nourishes the brain . Brahmi ghee if taken in fifth month of pregnancy is helpful in enhancing mental development of the foetus. Ghee with honey as prescribed in Ayurvedic texts,  when given at  the time of the  birth of a baby  stimulates intellectual essence . Besides maintaining a health of mind ghee is useful in checking diseases like insanity, epilepsy,depression, dementia, loss of consciousness.Old ghee is more beneficial and gives better results.

Ghee heals wounds

Ghee has regenerative properties and is used in healing wounds. Ghee promotes growth of healthy cells. Ghee which is washed hundred times is considered as the best medicine for burns and scalds. Such type ghee is softer and colder than the normal ghee. This ghee pacifies burning sensation caused by aggravated pitta

Ghee is also used for massage.

Though sesame oil is used for massage , use of ghee give better result when used internally. Ghee detoxifies the body . Given in a regular increasing dose for seven days ghee prepares the body for purification.Doshas become soft and they become fit for expulsion from the body after proper sudation. Ghee is used in different preparation meant for induced purgation, basti or types of enemas. Thus ghee helps the body to cleanses it in different ways. In today’s era with increasing pollution , ghee plays an important role.Ghee is widely used in preparations of different formulations as it has the property to absorb qualities of other substances without leaving its own. Owing to this feature ghee is called as the best among oil and fats.

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