Know Benefits and Uses of Various Pulses/Dal

Dals are rich in proteins and are a part of routine Indian food. Besides having rich food value they are useful in various diseases food value.

Moong Dal  download

Moong dal is astringent and sweet in taste, causes dryness and is cold in potency. Its taste becomes pungent after digestion. Moong dal is easily digestible and is viscid in nature. Moong pacifies kapha and pitta and is best among all pulses according to Ayurvedic texts. It is also said that a person who use moong dal and amla daily does not get a victim of diabetes.

Urd or Mash Dal

Urd or mash dal which is used frequently in Punjab state of India and available in roadside Punjabi restaurants though considered as the most inferior type of dal promotes the quantity of semen. It is heavy to digest. Urd dal is unctuous, hot in potency, sweet in taste easily digestible and is promotes strength of the body. It pacifies vata. Urd or mash dal enhances quantity of fecal matter. Urd dal is sweet in taste and hot in potency.


Rajmash is laxative, bestows taste and pacifies kapha and is harmful for semen. Rajmash is the only dal that has been as curing amalpitta or acidity. Rajmash is sweet in taste, and is astringent.

Kulath Dal

Kulath dal is hot and astringent in taste and pacifies kapha and is not good for semen. Its taste becomes sour after digestion. Kulath dal causes constipation, and is known as the leading cause for hyperacidity or amalpitta. Kulath is harmful for semen but is useful in cough, hiccup and breathlessness and piles.

Moth or makushtha dal

Dal of makushtha or moth is sweet even after digestion. Moth causes constipation, dryness and is cold in potency. Moth is beneficial in bleeding disorders and fever.

Chana or grams, masura dal is easily digestible and is cold in potency, sweet in taste and slightly astringent. Masur dal causes dryness, pacifies kapha and pitta and is best for preparing soups and paste for external application. Masura dal causes  while peas aggravate  vata.

Tilas or seasame are hot in potency, sweetin tate , bitter nd astringent in tatse  and its tatse becomes pungent after  digestion.Tila are good for strength and used judiciously in a proper way are beneficial for skin and hair.

Pulses in general are sweet in taste, cold in potency, hard for digestion,  decreases strength, cause  dryness. Dals should be used with other food substances containing fats

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