Know How to Get Good Progeny


Ayurvedic texts have given directions that one can get progeny of good quality by having a good  diet and regimen. What a pregnant woman eats and thinks certainly affects the physical  appearance and mindset of the baby to be born.images

Drinking saturated drink prepared of white barley mixed with honey and ghee with cow milk, makes the birth of son with reddish brown eyes and the son born is  vigorous, pious and mentally strong. Care should be taken to take such food after taking a bath and in the utensils of bronze or silver. This food should be taken continuously for one week. Morning food should be of red rice along with barley with curd, honey, ghee and milk.  She should use white clothes in the evening and her clothes of room i.e. bed and curtains should also be of white color. She should gaze to the white bull or horse. She should listen to pleasing stories and. She should look at the men and women are dressed pleasantly. Her companions and husband should be friendly either her and sexual acts are to be avoided at all.

Regimen for a pregnant woman

A woman expecting a son according to her desire should perform rites with her husband. It should be taken care that woman should sit west of fire and south of the priest. The priest should sit on the north side of the house or at a place which is having slope towards north or east.Ayurvedic texts have asked to think of that type of people of which qualities she wants to have her son. She should preferably live in that area with her husband and should use diet, behavior, regimens and apparel customary to that type of people. This procedure leads to excellent results.

Tips for getting excellent progeny

A woman desirous of excellent progeny should particularly abstain from the unwholesome diet and behavior. Good conduct should be her daily routine along with use of wholesome diet and behavior. Diet of pregnant woman should consist of sweet, soft, cold, pleasant and delicate things. She should not be subjected to evacuative measures like emesis, purgation, head evacuation, bloodletting, non unctuous or unctuous enema except in conditions indicated for the same. We always take care if we have to take an earthen vessel full of oil to some other place without agitating the same, similar care is indicated for the pregnant woman in Charak Samhita.  Pregnant woman should never be subjected to anger, grief, exertion, sexual inter course and physical exercise. She should be kept happy, entertained with soothing and favorite stories.

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