Know Uses and Benefits of Drinking Water Early Morning

In our society it is generally wrongly believed that drinking excess of water is good for health. Many preachers advocate drinking of plenty of water without giving any evidence of this information contained in the texts. Interestingly no Ayurvedic texts have made such recommendation. Yes summer and autumn are the two seasons where there is no bar on the quantity of drinking of water but it is not a rule for all the seasons and all types of persons. Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water

Benefits of taking water at  time of sunrise

Ayurvedic texts say that a person drinking water early morning at the time of sunrise makes a person to live long life.  By drinking water early morning, a person can live hundreds of years without any suffering from any diseases and fear of old age. Drinking water early morning keeps him free from diseases like piles, edema, mal absorption, fever, enlargement of abdomen, skin diseases, obesity related diseases, obstruction of urine, blood disorders, hearing problems, diseases of head, pelvic pains.  He gets prevention from eye diseases and he is safe from diseases caused by tridosha and injury.

What quantity of water should be taken?

The quantity of water described in the measurements of Ayurvedic terminology comes to around 750 mls. that a healthy person should drink in the early morning. Fresh water is recommended for drinking purpose.  Fresh water takes about six hours to get digested, water boiled and cooled takes three hours to get digested and hot water takes about one and half an hour to get digested. Chilled or refrigerated water should not be taken at all.

Benefits of inhaling water through nose

Inhaling water through nose in the early hours of the day makes a person to have perfect vision  and is free from all diseases  of old age including skin folds and pre mature of graying of hair. Pigmentation on the skin either in form of small spots or some other ways inhaling of water through nose helps it.  When the darkness fades three hands of full of water inhaled through nose helps not only to make skin clear of spots but also helps in preventing grey hairs, sinusitis, cough and edema. It improves the vision and enhances longevity.  It should be kept in mind that  person who are not used to take water through nose should do it under expert supervision.

When no to Drink water in the morning

When a person has take ghee or oil. Or got an injury or has taken drugs for purgation and emesis, he should not inhale water.  Inhaling of water should also be avoided when one has distended abdomen, or suffering from hiccough and kapha or vata diseases.


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