Know Benefits and Uses of Honey


Honey is one of the substances used commonly in Ayurveda.It is a substance that welcomes a newly born child with its taste. Yes! Ayurvedic texts recommend use of honey as the first substance to be given to a child when he is born. Honey is sweet and astringent in taste. It enhances vata and pacifies kapha dosha. Honey  increases roughness on the body when there is excess of unction. Honey is a substance that can be taken daily. Ayurvedic texts advocate that the use of honey in rainy and spring season is a must. Honey has the property to act as yogvahi. i.e. it enhances the properties of the substance with which it is used Curd’s worth improves if curd is used after mixing honey with it.

Medicinal values of Honey

Honey promotes union of bones and that is why its use is advised in fracture.Honey heals injuries of the skin very fast. Honey is good in eye diseases. Honey improves digestion. Use of honey neutralizes the ill effects of poison. Honey is capable of entering the minute channels of the body. Honey helps in improving complexion of the skin. Honey is useful in worm infestation. Whenever there is excessive thirst, it is the honey which helps to check it.  Honey’s role to check bleeding is well appreciated in Ayurvedic texts.

Which honey is to be used – New or Old?

New or fresh honey is weight promoting while one year old honey helps to control obesity. Similarly fresh honey is laxative while old honey controls loose motion. According to the purpose old or new honey may be used.

Honey in various Ayurvedic Medicines

Though honey ‘s use is contradicted with hot water, honey  with  hot water is used to induce vomiting as it is expelled out before its digestion .Honey is used in the preparation of  Chyawanprash. Honey plays an important role in the Ayurvedic preparation which is used for improving sexual power. Honey’ is one of the main ingredient of preparation used for chest disorders .

Beware! Take honey with caution

  • Don’t take honey with hot things. Trend of taking honey with warm water for checking obesity is wrong. Honey gives harmful effect if taken with warm or hot things.
  • Honey is useful only when taken in small quantity. Never take honey in large quantity. Especially children and old persons should take extra care for not consuming honey in large quantity. Honey’s indigestion is very troublesome. Treatment of indigestion is warm water which is contradicted with honey.
  • Honey taken with equal quantity of ghee acts as a poison. Its use should be avoided. Honey should be taken in hot season in very small quantity. Persons having hot constitutions should avoid use of honey.
  •  Honey extracted pre maturely from bee hives is sour in taste and causes aggravation of vata, pitta and kapha.
  • Rational use of honey is a blessing while its irrelevant use makes it health hazard.images

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