Know Benefits and Uses of Takra-Butter Milk


Ayurvedic texts say That Lord Shiva’s throat region was blue (Called neel kanth) , Vishnu did not has fair complexion, Lord Indra was not  so much beautiful, Lord moon suffered from the attack of yakshma or  tuberculosis, Lord Ganesha ‘s abdomen was enlarged , Lord of wealth Kuber suffered from skin diseases, and lord of fire had immense burning sensation, because they were not having takra or butter milk at their place. Takra or butter milk pacifies poison, improves complexion, and enhances beauty, checks yakshma, abdominal diseases, skin disorders and burning sensation.

Though there are various types of butter milk mentioned in our classical texts of Indian system of medicine, commonly used is Takra which is best known for its medicinal properties. When one fourth quantity of water is added in curd and churned it is called as takra. Depending upon the preparation and water contents five types of butter milk are there and are named differently. Many disease respond only to use of butter milk.

Uses of different types of Takra/ Butter milk

Takra from which butter is removed is indicated in pacifying the side effects of excessive oil or ghee. That is why butter milk with poories ( Lassi and poories)  is a tradition in Punjab.

Takra or butter milk from which ghee is completely removed is light in digestion and useful in various diseases.  If ghee is removed partially the takra or butter milk promotes semen and pacifies kapha dosha. Takra from which ghee is not removed at all is heavy in digestion, nutritious and aggravates kapha.

Freshly prepared takra or butter milk causes kapha in throat while pacifies the same in intestinal region. Boiled butter milk is useful in cough, common cold and asthma.

How to Use takra or butter milk

In case of aggravation of vata, sour takra or butter milk should be taken with dry ginger and salt. In case of pitta aggravation sweet takra or butter milk with sugar should be taken and in case of aggravation of takra or butter milk with alkaline substances or trikatu i.e shunthi, black marich and pipali should be taken.

Takra or Butter Milk is like a Nectar

Ayurevdic texts say that in winter season and in case of indigestion takra or butter milk acts as nectar. It is useful in condition of blocked channels and when there is aversion to food.  Takra or butter milk is beneficial in chronic poisons, vomiting, fever, anemia, obesity, grahni, piles, retention of urine, fistula, diabetes, diarrhea, abdominal pain, enlarged spleen, leucoderma, skin diseases, edema and worm infestations.

When NOT to take takra or butter milk

Takra or butter milk is prohibited in case of wasting disease, in hot season, emaciation, syncope, burning sensation and hemorrhage.

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