Don’t take Milk with these Food Substances

images There is no doubt that cow’s milk is considered as nectar on the earth. Milk contains in it ample qualities. Daily use of milk and ghee not only enhances longevity but also prevents the person from various diseases.  Milk is sweet in taste and cold in potency. Milk promotes body growth and enhances quantity and quality of semen. Milk alleviates thirst and fatigue, promotes strength and vitalizes, gives relief in breathlessness. In case of weakness, injury, anemia, milk plays an appreciable role. Milk is useful in case of hard stools, and in vata pitta. Role of milk is appreciable in its use as snuffing, pasting, bathing, enema etc. Milk gives beneficial results when it used in a rational way. In routine we use milk with mango, banana or even with radish prantha . But Charak Samhita the ancient text of Indian medicine strongly forbids the use of milk with these things. Milk with many of other substances which otherwise are good causes various diseases when used in combination with some of the other substances.

Don’t take milk with these things

  • Taking fish with milk is incompatible food as it causes obstruction of channels and produces disorders with gross symptoms and excites aamvisha.
  • Don’t take meat of marshy, domestic and aquatic animals with milk. It causes deafness, blindness, tremors, cold and indistinct voice, nasal voice or even death.
  • Taking meat of pigeon processed in mustard oil or potherb of pushkar with milk and honey is incompatible. It causes disorders of blood, obstruction in blood circulation, epilepsy, shankhak, diseases involving temporal region of head,  goiter or even death says Charak Smahita.
  • Taking milk with radish, garlic, basil etc enhances risk of skin diseases.
  • Taking ripe fruit of nikuch with honey and milk causes loss of strength, luster, energy and prowess, severe disease and impotency.


  • Fruits of mango, lemon, banana, ber, jamun, coconut, pomegranate, amlaka etc should not be taken with milk. Their combination with milk is incompatible. In other words trend of taking mango and banana shake prepared with milk is NOT compatible. Chywanprasha tin which Amla is main ingredient is generally taken with milk. But there is no reference of taking Chywanprash with milk is available in Charak Samhita .
  • Rice cooked with milk should not is taken with drink preparation prepared from roasted grain flour. It is antagonistic and vitiates kapha.

Antagonistic food  is the cause of various diseases like impotency, blindness, erysipelas, ascitis, pustules, insanity, fistula, narcosis, tymapanitis, spasm in throat, anemia, aama visha, leucoderma, skin disorders, edema, fever, rhinitis etc.

So we should not make the milk available to us in the form of nectar, as a causative factor for various diseases.

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