Uttrakhand-An Ayurvedic Paradise

DSC06033Ayurveda the ancient science of medicine also known as science of life got spread to the world through India. It is generally said that Modern system of medicine has been making a strong fight against death but it is the Ayurveda that makes a man teach how to live a life. Yes this is the uniqueness of Ayurveda. It is believed that the  knowledge of Ayurveda which is gaining popularity across the globe is was brought to the earth through the  Himalayan region at Uttrakhand .

Uttrakhand and Ayurveda

Uttrakhand  the  28th state of India is also known as herbal state due to the rich potential of herbs found in it.  Uttrakhand state has traditional acceptability of Ayurvedic system of medicine . Besides being the science of life , it is the herbs which give recognition to the Indian system of medicine. Herbs having their natural origin in Uttrakhand are more effective and are free from side effects if used in a proper method.  It is cost effective too. Uttrakhand is endowed to give Eco friendly treatment to people  traditionally using Ayurvedic drugs. Sometimes it is the only Ayurveda which  offers the only kind of medicine within the physical and financial reach of the patient. Uttrakhand state with its two government and three private Ayurvedic colleges is determined to make the flow of transfer of knowledge  of Ayurveda thus maintaining the tradition which was established by our sages. Uttrakhand is a state which has its own Ayurvedic University at Dehradun. Barring  Punjab, Rajasthan and  Gujarat no other state other than Uttrakhand has  a separate Ayurvedic University in India. This is a state that has established models of Ayushgram  i.e. integrated Holistic  centers designed to serve health needs of people according to  every system of  AYUSH i.e Ayurveda, Yoga,  Unani, Siddha and  Homeopathy and that at one place. Uttrakhand is a state that has ample potential of tourist attractions. Just living in the hilly regions of forest land of Uttrakhand is itself a part of treatment. Ayurvedic texts say that wind of north direction is useful in promoting body  . Thus Uttrakhand region is a boon for the patients of Tuberculosis. Ayurvedic texts have said that treatment of epistaxis or bleeding disorders lie in living in the cages of Himalaya.  Himalaya was the region where sages of Ayurvedic system gathered to share their knowledge. Himalaya was the region where ancient sages preached the lectures of Ayurveda to their disciples.

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