Know Role and Merits of Vata Dosha or Vayu in the Body

Among three doshas or morbidity present in the body, vata is the important one as maximum diseases are produced by this dosha vata or vayu alone creates eighty diseases while other morbidities pitta and kapha produce forty and twenty diseases respectively.

Properties of Vayu

Roughness, lightness, coldness, hardness, coarseness and non sliminess- theses six are the properties of vata or vayu. The vayu gets vitiated when we make continuous use of substances having these properties. With the use of substances having opposite properties Vata dosha or vayu gets pacified. Vata or vayu is form less and unstable. With the regular use of substances having similar properties as vayu , favorable environment it gets aggravated.

Merits of Vata or Vayu

Vayu when vitiated holds up the system and organs. It exists in five forms known as prana, udana, vyana, samana and apana. It is responsible for all types of movement leading and controlling mind and carries all sense impulses in the body. Vata or Vayu promotes union in body and formation of all bodily dhatus, promotes speech, helps to originate impulses of touch and sounds, prompts speech. Vata or vayu is the source of all courage and exhilaration, stimulated digestion and absorbs doshas, throws out excreta, makes the gross and subtle channels, shapes the fetus and maintains life span.

 Harms of Vitiated Vayu

Vitiated vata or vayu affects strength, complexion, happiness and life span. It agitates mind and affects all the sense organs. It destroys, deforms or detains the embryo for the long time. Vitiated vata or vayu is responsible for producing creating fear, grief, confusion, anxiety and excessive delirium and of course stops the vital breath.

Role of vata or vayu

Vayu or vata when is in its normal state is conducive to health, improvement of strength and complexion, valor, development,, improvement of knowledge and expansion of life.  In fact all doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha when in their normal shape endows the person with a long life span as  virtue , wealth and enjoyment. It is the normal state of doshas that they make the person a great well being in this world and thereafter. When abnormal they give rises to abnormalities , produce harmful effects , particularly at the time of destruction.  It is imperative for the physician to realize the importance of vayu which is too strong, too rough, too quick acting and causing emergent condition and form of suddenly vitiated vayu.  Emergency measures are needed to tackle the vitiation of doshas.

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