Benefits and uses of Dhataki-Woodfordia fruticosa


Red coloured flowers of dhataki signify health. Also known as fire flame bush, dhataki tree is 5-12 feet in height. There are black spots on the newly emerged leaves. Flowering season of dhataki  is from the month of January and April. When the dhataki tree gets overloaded with flowers in the month of February and March, its leaves begin to shed off and new leaves start appearing.

Benefits of Dhataki

Astringent in taste, light and rough in its properties, dhataki is cold in its effect. Its taste becomes pungent after it is digested. Dhataki pacifies morbidity of kafa and pitta. Flowers and leaves of dhataki are used for medicinal purpose. Therapeutic dose of dhataki powder is 3-5 gms. However when used in overdose it promotes worm infestation and it is the pomegranate juice that helps to overcome its side effects.

Not only to speed up fermentation process in the making of asava and arishtas but also dhataki flowers add colour and taste to them. Though known for its specific role in controlling diarrhoea, dhataki is also useful in managing fever. Juice of dhataki leaves is given after the patient has taken sesame oil in his mouth.

Uses of Dhataki

  Powder of dhataki flowers with honey helps to check loose motion. Persons who make use of opium regularly when become a victim of diarrhoea it is the use of dhataki flowers and its extract with butter milk that helps.  Use of dhataki flowers with giloy and amla helps to cure fever. Powder of dhataki flowers withhoney or rice water is useful in white discharge in females. When there is bleeding from nose, use of dhataki flowers with cold helps in it. Neem leaves with dhataki flowers are helpful in skin disorders. Pipali powder mixed with powder of flowers of dhataki when rubbed at the teething place of the children helps to erupt teeth smoothly.

External application of dhataki

Dhataki flower powder relieves burning sensation on the skin when applied locally. Similarly sprinkling of powder of flowers of dhataki on abscess helps in their early relief. Decoction of dhataki flowers is useful locally for the patients of prolapsed of anus. When there is burn on the body application of paste of flowers with coconut oil or sesame oil helps in it. In dental diseases gargling with decoction of dhataki flowers helps in it. In case of prolapsed of vagina use of local application of decoctions of dhataki flowers and ashoka tree helps a lot.




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