Diseases Caused by Various Planets

There are nine planets and twelve signs according to Indian astrology. Some planets are malefic by nature and some become malefic just by their placement in enemy house and some by the aspect of malefic planets. For instance when sun is afflicted  diseases like  fever, burning sensation, anemia, skin diseases, epilepsy, eye diseases take their origin. Jaundice, diseases of liver, cholera, abscess  in head, poisoning occur due to malefic effect of sun.

Diseases due to Moon

Diseases related to urinary disorders, diabetes, diarrhea, insomnia, mental fatigue, dry cough, jaundice, mental depression, loss of interest in food, asthma and breathing problems occur due to affliction of moon.

Diseases due to Mars

Similarly mars when afflicted gives rise to disease like bleeding disorders’ burns, blood in diarrhea, skin diseases, piles, leprosy, abscess, fracture, fere, abdominal distension.

Afflicted mercury is responsible for various diseases like deafnes

Diseases due to Mercury

s, dumbness, impotency, debility, pain, cardiac arrest, confusion, diseases of throat or nose, insanity tongue disorders and epilepsy.

Diseases due to Jupiter

Jupiter when afflicted gives rise to disease of throat, asthma, liver disorders, paralysis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, syncope, gout, diseases of ear and tuberculosis.

Diseases due to Venus

Diseases related to sex organs, eye diseases, hysteria, intellect of low level, edema, diabetes,  disease of  anal region, enlargement of testicle, diseases of uterus, urinary tract disorders, impotency, gonorrhea, hernia etc are the diseases caused by afflicted Venus

Diseases due to Saturn

Paralysis, numbness in hands or feet, epilepsy, diseases related to nervous system, gout, cancer, tuberculosis, poisoning, pain abdomen, surgical procedure, enlarged spleen and worm infestation are the diseases caused by afflicted Saturn

Diseases due to Rahu

Skin diseases, heart diseases, memory loss disorders related to hunger and thirst measles, worm infestation, etc. all caused by Rhau planet.

Diseases due to Ketu

Itching, skin eruptions, mental disorders constipation are all due to afflicted Ketu planet.

Signs Aries is responsible for the causation of diseases eye disease, mouth diseases, mental tension and insomnia, Throat and wind pipes diseases are related to Taurus, while blood disorders, asthma and lung diseases are caused due to Gemini.. Cardiac disorders are related to sign cancer, while disorders of vayu and abdominal pain are caused due to vitiation in Leo. Virgonians are prone to indigestion and liver disorders. While Librans find convenient to suffer from diabetes, white discharge, poly uria. Scorpions are more prone to suffer from fistula and sexual diseases. Sagittarians are prone to become victims of live, bone marrow disorders, fracture. Capricorn are more prone to skin diseases, blood pressure while Aquarians get victims of ascites and mental disorders  Pisces people  have possibility of allergy, gout, skin diseases and blood disorders


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